Mental illness is allegedly increasing across the globe, and now one cryptocurrency developer named Phil Kennedy is creating a new digital asset designed to raise awareness and bring some light to the issue at hand. Known as the Mental Token, the currency is built to support organizations and companies that assist individuals suffering from mental illness.

Mental Token Works to Assist Those Struggling with Issues

Mental Token is also looking to establish its own digital wallet that can assist in charity functions. Those who are looking to take advantage of the coin may do so by donating the asset to their favorite mental illness-focused charities throughout the world. Not long ago, Mental Token brought an additional $2,000 AUD to the Black Dog Institute through what’s known as the company’s Community Charity Fund. The firm seeks to raise money to further its research regarding mental illness and its impact on societies.

In a recent interview, Phil Kennedy explained:

We are fighting and pushing to bring awareness to our project and to people who are struggling with their mental health every day. Mental health issues are often overlooked, and now, amid the pandemic, is the best time to continue spreading this message and assist in getting people the help they need… We will continue to push our message to the world and continue to provide support to those facing mental health struggles, just like those who struggle with mental health issues persevere to get through each day. Projects worth doing take time, and we will continue to commit our time to this worthy cause.

Mental Token offers as much as three percent of every transaction it’s used for to select monthly charities.

In the United States alone, it is estimated that approximately one in five individuals suffer from some form of mental illness, while one in every 25 experiences the problem in serious form. Examples include bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. In addition, there are approximately 800,000 suicides each year across the globe, with about 41,000 taking place in America. Suicide is a leading cause of death amongst individuals between the ages of 15 and 29 that are suffering from mental illness.

Charity and Crypto Are Forming a Strong Bond

In addition, the likelihood of mental illness doubles amongst those who have gone through a major disaster or survived a war. However, it is estimated that only three to five percent of individuals suffering from mental illness are prone to violence.

Cryptocurrency is gaining a solid reputation as a charity tool. Organizations such as UNICEF, for example, have agreed to permit charity donations in BTC and other forms of crypto, while some digital assets to emerge in recent years are allegedly built to aid in charity functions. One example is CluCoin, which is designed to fight inflation, partner with charitable organizations, and assist in the betterment of everyday lives.

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