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New Sage Survey Says Many Companies Excited About Crypto


Sage – a leader in accounting, human resources, and payroll services – has conducted a survey amongst small and medium-sized businesses that suggest many new enterprises are excited about the prospects of Web3 and blockchain entering their industries.

Sage Finds Many Companies Are Excited About Blockchain

According to the study, roughly half (about 52 percent) of the companies surveyed believe that decentralized currencies and crypto-related technology will provide them with long-term payment solutions that will help them save paper and put their resources to other divisions.

A third of the companies (about 33 percent) said they are looking to accept crypto payments within the next year, while just over one third of the firms (about 36 percent) say they have already entered the metaverse. About 52 percent of those companies also say they will boost their presence in the space.

Sage also discovered that about one third of the companies (32 percent) are looking for employees and other staff members that have coding or artificial intelligence (AI) experience that can help them increase their Web3 offerings and abilities.

Judy Romano – vice president and CFO of Sage, North America – explained in an interview:

Finance leaders in the U.S. are redefining what it means to be a CFO.  Through their purpose-driven approach to these roles, their adoption of breakthrough technologies, and work across a range of business units, finance leaders are taking their place as forward-facing guides for organizations.

 Let Robots Do the Boring Stuff!

Aaron Harris – the chief technology officer of Sage – also threw his two cents into the mix, claiming that he was passionate enough about technology to let robots take over all the mundane jobs in companies so humans can concentrate on more important things and allow their talents and skills flow. He stated:

 I’m passionate about elevating the work of humans. By this, I mean letting the machines take the admin burden, spot anomalies, and automate repetitive tasks, freeing up humans to focus on what they do best. The metaverse is a great example of the convergence of our digital and physical lives, integrating human touch points through digital means to knock down barriers, and while it’s still early days for most, the metaverse is normalizing some emerging technologies like cryptocurrencies for SMBs which, in turn, removes friction and delivers insights. Yet despite the appetite for new technologies and business models, the availability of skills remains an industrywide issue that, as a community, we need to solve. Offering more than the traditional finance roles, I hope this will help our profession appeal to an increasingly wider demographic.

The study was conducted amongst 1,900 separate companies and business firms. Many also claimed that the approach to finding management and garnering new types of CEOs and leaders needed to be changed, with approximately 83 percent of participants saying so.

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