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New Zealand Latest Destination for Crypto Scammers


A famous face in New Zealand is the latest person to be dragged into a crypto scam. After being made aware of it, the TV host took to the airwaves to clear the air.

If fraudsters worked as hard at a real job as they did at their scams, they’d probably make more money. The amount of time and effort that scammers put into their schemes must be exhausting. In our fast-moving world, they probably always have to be ready to think out of the box and develop new ways to swindle unsuspecting victims.

Some fraudsters tend to rely on the creation of an air of legitimacy to get people to part with their cash or crypto. Even when hacking well-known Twitter accounts, they make sure that some equally hacked famous people tweet positive comments. Live Bitcoin News recently reported on a Facebook scam that used a fake Sir Richard Branson to advertise their product.

Fraudsters Target New Zealand

Now, according to Television New Zealand (TVNZ), another well-known face has been roped into a scam. A presenter on the show, Daniel Faitaua, has taken to the platform to advise the public that he has not endorsed any cryptocurrency in the wake of news of a fictitious interview that he apparently conducted.

A few fake news websites have reportedly been circulating an article based on the interview targeting those with “absolutely no investing and technology experience”. Faitaua is said to have invested $250 in Bitcoin while interviewing an investor.

Fake Faitaua then nearly doubled his profits within a few minutes, prompting the reporter covering the story to also invest and score enough money for a vacation abroad. If you’ve even been skimming legitimate Bitcoin articles, you’ll know that returns on investment of that magnitude are just not possible with today’s prices.

Potential victims are then lured to the dodgy investor’s website where they too can be a part of this magical rainbow party by parting with their cash.

LBN Denaro ICO Scam

Faitaua Issues Scam Alert

After being made aware of the scam, Faitaua addressed the New Zealand public. According to The Next Web, he said:

I just want you to stop for a second. Wherever you are, just stop. A number of websites have been posting a story saying this show, Breakfast, had a young Bitcoin investor on for a chat, and during the chat, he helped me invest money, which I made a huge profit on straight away. Well, that’s a lie. It is fake news, and whatever you call it – it’s not true. It is a scam. The interview they say we did never happened. I have never invested in Bitcoin, and therefore I never made the profit they say I did.

It is unclear if these fraudsters were successful in their shady endeavor or even who they are. One thing is certain though and that’s that these scammers will try anything to make a quick buck and it’s up to people to use their common sense when it comes to parting with their money, be it virtual or fiat.

Have you ever been the victim of a crypto scam? Let us know in the comments below!

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