Bitcoin Cash continues to gain traction all over the world. This different version of Bitcoin has been well-received by cryptocurrency enthusiasts in recent months. More and more exchanges enable support to buy, sell, and trade BCH as we speak. New Zealand’s Bitprime is one of the latest companies to do so. It’s good to see them take the plunge, as demand for BCH is soaring. Whether or not this market generates any big trading volume, remains to be seen.

Most people outside of New Zealand will not know Bitprime. This local exchange is trying to make a name for itself amid a growing sea of competitors. Doing so will not be easy whatsoever, though. In a surprising move, the company decided to enable support for Bitcoin Cash. An interesting decision, even though it only feels normal to support BCH right now. This altcoin is incredibly popular and may overtake Bitcoin at some point in the future, for all we know.

Bitprime has High Hopes for Bitcoin Cash

What makes this addition so interesting is how Bitprime adds another fiat gateway for BCH.  There is always a demand for more fiat currency gateways in the world of cryptocurrency. New Zealand may be a small market, but it’s still worth paying attention to. With exchanges all over the world adding BCH support, the cryptocurrency will continue to grow accordingly. Moreover, the exchange prides itself on clearing transactions within two to three hours. It is a lot quicker than what most other exchanges are capable of as of right now.

The addition of Bitcoin Cash is an interesting turn of events for Bitprime. Until now, they supported a few different cryptocurrencies. That list includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and XRP. It is possible we will see some other currencies added in the near future. Whether or not that will happen soon, remains to be determined. It’s good to see the New Zealand company focus on more cryptocurrencies.

Considering how Bitprime isn’t tracked on Coinmarketcap, we don’t know how much volume the platform generates. It is safe to say this will not be a major market for Bitcoin Cash right away. At the same time, making inroads in New Zealand is never a bad thing. The exchange hasn’t been around for that long, yet they seem to be expanding rapidly. An interesting future lies ahead for both the company and Bitcoin Cash.

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