Nexo – a regulated digital asset firm that manages more than $4 billion in assets – has launched its new series of in-app services.

Nexo Services Can Be Quickly Accessed Through Mobile Devices

People can access the company’s many services through their Android or iOS phones and trade as many as 75 separate digital trading pairs between cryptocurrencies and fiat. The company guarantees the best prices on all trading pairs through its “smart routing” system to ensure customers always get the most bang for their buck.

The system works by connecting to multiple trading platforms and splitting orders up based on several different factors to ensure customers do not have to experience price changes.

Nexo co-founder and managing partner Antoni Trenchev explains in a recent interview that making crypto access easy and secure is one of his company’s biggest goals. He mentions:

Fast, transparent and inexpensive transactions are the backbone of fintech, but making them easily accessible and secure in a seamless, intuitive environment is the single most important step towards mass crypto adoption.

One of the big clinchers about the app is that it makes things much simpler for crypto newbies. It also provides access to the NEXO Token, the native currency of the firm which is backed by Nexo’s many assets. Whoever chooses to own or transfer NEXO Tokens can do so directly through the app and will not have to deal with middlemen. This makes transactions both safer and faster for would-be customers. The company is certain this could cause spikes in crypto adoption.

Trenchev states:

Beyond a significant addition to our line up in its own right, the exchange contributes to the efficiency and flexibility of our existing services and boosts the utility, liquidity and growth potential of the NEXO Token. In complementing our entire offering, this new tool illustrates Nexo’s holistic business mindset – building not just solutions, but a comprehensive and sustainable digital asset management ecosystem accessible to all.

As of late, Nexo has been experiencing several heavy-duty changes and releasing a wide array of crypto-based products for customers both experienced and new to the space. During the third quarter of 2020, for example, the company introduced higher yields for those looking to lend out their digital funds and earn interest. In addition, Nexo also brought for the “Earn” program, the $12 million buyback program and a new loyalty rewards system.

Building Itself Up

For 2021, the company says it’s looking to launch a new digital and physical credit card that will allow users to spend their digital holdings at retailers everywhere. In addition, the company also says it’s looking to build up its insurance offerings, implement new digital assets and expand its institutional base.

Founded in the year 2017, Nexo is still relatively new, but has built a reputation as being one of the most regulated crypto exchanges available today. The enterprise offers “tax-efficient” credit lines, military-grade security and OTC capabilities.

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