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The Next Big Update In Blockchain Messenger: Just Transfer BZ tokens Right In Chat


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As some of true blockchain geeks can remember from the project’s official blog, representatives of the so-called messenger ADAMANT stated that developers consider a partnership with cryptocurrency projects and exchanges a huge priority in the upcoming year.

During the first week of 2019, we saw pretty significant announcements from developers’ social media sources. In short, each user of the ADAMANT Messenger application (web-version only), will have the opportunity to send and receive Bit-Z’s (BZ) tokens.

Presumably, all actions with BZs in the messenger are similar to actions with Ethereum’s ETH and Binance’s BNB Coin, added last year.

At the same time, the team of Bit-Z has published an announcement of cooperation, making this event even more interesting for investors of both projects.

Firstly, what BZ actually is?

BZ are Bit-Z exchange coins. The token appeared on Coinmarketcap list in July 2018; currently its capitalization is ~$4 million and the issue is 44.9 million coins. According to Coinmarketcap, tokens can be purchased only on Bit-Z exchange.

On the screenshot below, Bit-Z shows the sixth position by trading volume along with other exchanges.


A quick tutorial on BZ transfers in ADAMANT Messenger

To store and transfer BZ tokens in ADAMANT, send your tokens to your BZ wallet (“Wallet” section) in the messenger; you can do it from any other wallet or exchange.


To send BZ in an ADAMANT chat to any of your contacts, open the chat and click + in the lower left corner (next to the input field), then select BZ.


After that, enter the amount to sent in the “Amount to send” field and click “Send funds”.

Note: the BZ tokens sending fee is in ETH since this is the technology of all ERC20 tokens. Therefore, you should have at least 0.001 ETH on your ETH wallet.




Also, you can manage your BZ balance in the “Bit-Z Balance” tab where you can see a list of all transactions of these tokens involving your ADAMANT wallet.

You can also send BZ to any other address in the “Wallet” section. No need to create a seperate chat for it, unless you like in-chat sendings too much.

Security and funds safety, always first

Only you are able to access BZ tokens in your account. No one, including ADAMANT developers, can access your funds. BZ transfers work the same as ETH transfers: see this article if you are interested how it works in more details.

In short, your ADAMANT passphrase is also a private key to ETH, BZ, BNB wallets. It is explained, as much as well proofed by open source.


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