Cryptocurrencies have made their mark on various TV shows throughout the years. In most cases, these associations were anything but positive. Silicon Valley, the HBO hit show, seems to be doing things a bit differently. After touching upon Ethereum last season, they will now tackle the initial coin offering aspect. That episode will generate a lot of attention for obvious reasons.

Silicon Valley is an amazing HBO TV show for many different reasons. It has a great cast, a good script, and regularly hints at current trends and business models. When the show first discussed cryptocurrencies, most people didn’t have high expectations of it. However, the show spent several episodes explaining the basic idea of Ethereum, although using a different name for it.

Another Cryptocurrency-themed Silicon Valley Episode

This season, it seems Silicon Valley is looking at a different emerging trend. The upcoming episode will touch upon the concept of initial coin offerings. While a very popular industry in the real world, it is also scrutinized for obvious reasons. There are many regulatory concerns regarding ICOs and the companies exploring this option. This alternative form of funding has its merits, but companies also need to adhere to very strict securities guidelines first and foremost.

How Silicon Valley will tackle this business model, remains a bit unclear. It is evident the Pied Piper team will issue their own currency and associated initial coin offering. However, given the nature of this show, it will probably highlight what happens when things go wrong. Unfortunately, there is a lot that can go wrong when organizing an ICO to raise additional funding. Rest assured this episode will get a lot of attention and spark some interesting debates.  

In the end, it is good to see cryptocurrencies show up in popular TV shows. Silicon Valley has always done right by Bitcoin and altcoins in this regard. Unlike other shows, it doesn’t focus on money laundering, crime, and so forth. While those make for the better story, adding some comedic value to a TV show by touching upon cryptocurrencies in a light-hearted manner can work wonders too. It will be interesting to see how the Silicon Valley writers tackled this particular concept.

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