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Nick Sears May Be One of the World’s Youngest Bitcoin Miners


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At 19 years of age, Nick Sears could be one of the youngest people in the world to be making a career out of bitcoin. Two years ago, Sears built a bitcoin mining farm in Washington, and has made this farm his business ever since. He is looking away from the traditional college route and considering a future in which he devotes himself entirely to the world’s number one digital currency by market cap.

Nick Sears Says “Bye” to College, “Hello” to BTC Mining

Right now, Sears has completely thrown himself into his work – so much so that he presently lives in a room within the mining firm. He says his room is soundproof, and thus he cannot hear the mining rigs all day, which is good because he says that they are extremely noisy, and they would prevent him from sleeping or concentrating on anything else if his room had not been designed in such a way.

He states:

My room is sound locked, so I can’t hear the machines when I close my door, but they are definitely noisy if I have my door open.

Sears says he enjoys being part of the action at every moment, but he also doesn’t want to make the 30-minute drive each day from his parents’ house. Thus, living in the mining firm is the best choice for him. He is a completely self-taught bitcoin miner and has spent the last two years educating himself on how mining machines work and how they can be fixed. He is convinced that what he’s learned thus far is considerably more valuable than anything he could obtain in a university setting. He explained:

I don’t think about going to college at all, just pursuing further knowledge in the repairs of the miners.

And yet, according to miners, the job and pursuits that come with extracting BTC from the blockchain aren’t always glamorous. Thomas Heller – chief business officer for Compass Mining – said in a recent interview:

If you’ve been to any of these data centers, the first thing you’ll notice is just how vast and impressive they are. They’re huge. There’s so much noise, and there’s so much heat. There’s just so much action going on. It is quite cool to walk into a data center for the first time that’s mining bitcoin because you can really connect the intangible aspects of bitcoin as a currency, with the physical nature of these machines consuming power and doing these collections… When we first got here, however, we were setting up racks, creating the network infrastructure for the internet, and we essentially had to wire everything.

Each Day Is Different

According to Sears, one of the best things about mining bitcoin is that there is no set workday, and thus he can always look forward to unexpected challenges. He said:

That’s the cool thing about this job.

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