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Nick Szabo and Tony Hawk: First Bitcoin 2020 Speakers Announced


Bitcoin 2020 aims to unite and celebrate around the original cryptocurrency

San Francisco, CA — Returning for a second consecutive year, Bitcoin 2020, a two-day conference, will be held at SVN West in San Francisco from March 27 to 28, 2020. Bitcoin 2020 has announced its first two featured speakers: Legendary cryptographer and polymath Nick Szabo and skateboarding icon and Bitcoin enthusiast Tony Hawk. By assembling groundbreaking innovators who have directly shaped Bitcoin as well as contemporary thought leaders who drive the culture forward, Bitcoin 2020 aims to create the most positive and inclusive environment for accelerating the original cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin 2020 follows the blockbuster Bitcoin 2019 conference, which saw 2,000 Bitcoiners converge to celebrate 10 years of Bitcoin and to take an optimistic look at its future. The 2019 event program featured whistleblower and privacy advocate Edward Snowden, alongside notable early adopters like ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees and investor Tim Draper.

Nick Szabo is one of the most influential cypherpunks in the world. Szabo created “bit gold” which was a direct precursor to Bitcoin and provides the basis for what a blockchain looks like. He also developed the idea of “smart contracts” which have been a pillar of the cryptocurrency space ever since. Many have tried to tie Szabo to the pseudonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, though he denies any direct involvement in the creation of Bitcoin.

Tony Hawk made waves earlier in 2019 when he quipped on Twitter that he had “Been riding [Bitcoin] for 6 years. Haven’t bailed yet.” Hawk is a pioneer in leading countercultural movements, bringing competitive skateboarding, as well as skateboarding in general, to the mainstream. He famously landed a “900” for the first time in competition in San Francisco, just minutes away from where Bitcoin 2020 will be held. At Bitcoin 2020, Hawk will sit down for a fireside chat to discuss how he became interested in Bitcoin, as well as what fuels his continued support and belief in it.

This conference series was introduced with an overarching mission to “make Bitcoin fun again” by offering community connections, technical education and real-world Bitcoin implementations in a collaborative and festival-style atmosphere. To this end, Bitcoin 2020 will feature food trucks, a Lightning-powered video game arcade, a Bitcoin-inspired art gallery with artists in attendance and more.

“We had an incredibly successful 2019 conference, and it was clear that people wanted a place to come learn, talk about Bitcoin and build new relationships in the space,” David Bailey, CEO of conference owner BTC Inc, said. “This year, we hope to expand the conversation around Bitcoin even further, reexamine what it means to be a ‘Bitcoiner’ in 2020 and celebrate the individuality of the people who make up this incredible ecosystem. Most importantly, we need to keep working to make Bitcoin fun again!”

Bitcoin 2020 is open for registration to individuals from any sector, with ticket prices starting at $149. To register and for additional information, visit www.bitcoin2020conference.com.

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