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No Exchange or Wallet Supports Bitcoin Gold 10 Days Before the Fork


A lot of people tend to forget there will be two Bitcoin hard forks in the next few weeks All eyes are on SegWit2x, but Bitcoin Gold shouldn’t be overlooked either. The bigger question is which wallets and exchanges will support this concept. Right now, no one has been officially confirmed, which is quite problematic. For a fork which happens in 10 days from now, there is still plenty of work to be done.

It is commendable the Bitcoin Gold team wants to go ahead with their plan. Launching yet another fork of Bitcoin is highly controversial at this point in time. With SegWit2x on the horizon, there doesn’t need t be even more confusion right now. Sadly, we have to handle the cards we are dealt in this regard. The problem with BTG is how there is so much information that remains hidden from the public. Either that, or no one wants to support this unnecessary altcoin.

Things Look Bleak for Bitcoin Gold

To be more specific, it remains unclear how people will obtain Bitcoin Gold. No wallets or exchanges currently support this upcoming hard fork. Despite a launch date of October 25th, the lack of support is quite telling. Very few people want to deal with BTG right now, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone whatsoever, There is no benefit of this airdrop other than getting free coins which currently have no value.

Without wallets or exchanges to support Bitcoin Gold, there can’t be an official airdrop. No major or minor service provider wants to touch this currency. No big surprise, as we know very little about BTG at this point in time. The website isn’t helping much either, as it remains as blank as ever. Rest assured few people are buying Bitcoin to get BTG right now, as there is no reason to even try and do that

The overall Bitcoin community isn’t too amused by this new fork either. An understandable position, as there is enough garbage in the altcoin industry already. Another coin riding the Bitcoin coattails won’t do anyone any favors. Bitcoin is and will be the world’s leading cryptocurrency for a long time to come. It is not without flaws or shortcomings, but nothing can rival it in terms of price right now. That situation will change at some point, but it won’t be Bitcoin Gold who takes the crown by any means.

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