Imagine mining for cryptocurrency while also keeping your computer completely protected. By way of Norton 360 – one of the biggest and most popular examples of anti-virus software available today – this will soon be an available option.

Norton 360 Protects Your Computer While You Mine

Norton 360 – which is predominantly known for protecting one’s computer and digital devices from malware and similar threats – is entering the crypto space and has announced that it will offer an “Ethereum mining” option in the next few weeks. At the time of writing, details are quite scarce, and it is unclear even what business model Norton 360 is planning to follow or what percentage of cuts – if any – it is planning to accumulate along the way.

In a press release, Norton 360 states:

For years, many coin miners have had to take risks in their quest for cryptocurrency, disabling their security in order to run coin mining.

The news comes as a pleasant surprise in many ways. If anything, what this tells us is that more companies are recognizing the crypto space as one of the most important and popular factors in the modern financial world. They see that customers are doing all they can to garner digital assets and earn their place in the industry. Thus, they are doing all they can to improve their offerings and ensure crypto is consistently available.

It is also interesting, however, that Norton would choose to offer a mining option to clients today considering the number of arguments against it. Many environmentalists claim that bitcoin and crypto mining causes irreversible damage to the planet. Many reports have stated that crypto mining utilizes more energy than smaller or underdeveloped countries, while some even say the carbon footprint of bitcoin extraction is equivalent to that of Las Vegas, Nevada.

We’re Proud To Be the First

Despite these arguments, Norton appears set on the idea that mining is important, and that the process is going to become integral to both finance and technology in the future. Product executive for the company Gagan Singh stated in an interview:

We are proud to be the first consumer cyber-safety company to offer coin miners the chance to safely – and easily – turn the idle time on their PCs into an opportunity to earn digital currency. Our customers can mine for cryptocurrency with just a few clicks, avoiding many barriers to entry in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Norton feels it is in a good position to offer this product considering its background in keeping devices safe and secure. The company says that many miners will allow safety features to become disabled while they extract new coins. Some of these measures include “allowing unvetted code” onto their systems, while others choose to store all their extracted coins on a single hard drive which could crash or fail them in some way.

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