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Now You Can Trade Ethereum, Dash and Ripple on Forex Brokers!


The cryptocurrency economy has grown massively during the past few months. Bitcoin price has almost trippled during the past year. Interestingly enough, some altcoins have witnessed even higher rates of growth than that of bitcoin. Ethereum ETH has recorded an astonishing 1000% gain as it rose from $10 to $100 since the beginning of 2017,while DASH rose from around $12 in January, to $91.5 at the time of writing of this article, recording more than %750 rise in its market capitalization. Even more, Ripple XRP, the biggest gainer among all cryptocurrencies this year, recorded a rise of more than 3600% in its price, as it rose from around 1 cent per coin in January, to 36 cents today.

This recent boost in the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies reflects heightened interest of the public in the blockchain technology, and increased trust in this decentralized economical model. This has urged AvaTrade, a forex and CFD broker, to add DASH, Ethereum and Ripple to the list of tradable currencies on its platform. As such, AvaTrade has become the first broker ever to have DASH, Ethereum and Ripple on its trading portfolio. Bitcoin and Litecoin were available for trading on AvaTrade for a while now. The below screenshot shows the various cryptocurrency trading pairs available now on AvaTrade. 1 DASH lot has 100 DASH coins; 1 Ethereum lot has 100 ETH coins and 1 Ripple lot has 10,000 XRP coins.

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There are many forex and CFD brokers that allow traders to use Bitcoin for trading. These brokers have been present for years now. 1Broker.com is the most prominent of those brokers and it enables traders to speculate over forex pairs, commodities and stock indices.

Bitcoin has been part of the trading portfolio of many top forex and CFD brokers for years now. More recently, Ethereum was added as a tradable currency on many brokers including eToro and FXOpen. Accordingly, AvaTrade is the first forex and CFD broker to introduce Ripple and DASH to forex and commodity traders. Indeed, this will help spread the word about cryptocurrency, and particularly Ripple and DASH which represent unique altcoins whose values are yet to be appreciated.




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