Try conduct a search on Google with the phrase free “bitcoin” and what pops up are thousands of search results showing countless bitcoin websites. The nature of the results which come up is a blend of all manner of pages from independent websites to free blogs as well as pages on other sites like Facebook or Google plus. The main question is whether these sites truly offer free bitcoins.

The many sites that identify with free bitcoins in essence don’t really have a portal for offering the alleged free bitcoins and many users only end up disappointed. The process of getting free bitcoin is simple and one you can just do on your own and en d up getting more than they can process. The process to perform as they put it, ensures that you actively participate in several activities for days if not weeks. As the old saying goes, “nothing in life is free”. By the time you fulfill those steps or processes, you will have paid for the number of bitcoins on offer. I sampled a few websites to find out what they offer and here is what I found out on the various sites:

Bitcoin Reward (
The first thing I noticed with this site is that it’s annoyingly slow when checking on the various tasks listed under the free bitcoins category. Here, when users perform various tasks on the list, they earn what is termed as satoshi and one has to perform several tasks to earn thousands of satoshi. The weird thing is that when you reach 10,000 units of satoshi, you earn an equivalent of $0.05 USD. Remember you require slightly over US$500 to buy one unit of bitcoin. How many tasks will you perform to earn an equivalent of one bitcoin?

Bitcoin Get (
This site too requires you to perform numerous tasks before earning some units of satoshi. The minimum amount they pay is 6000 satoshi units which you get by carrying out multiple tasks and each task takes several minutes to complete, some take up to 30 minutes to finish.

Bit Visitor (
This site allows users to earn by visiting new webpage in a time frame of five minutes and when you move to the next site, you solve a captcha. The pay varies though the set minimum for payout is 60 bits.

Bitcoins 4 Me (

By design the site looks simple and professional with an official address for anyone to see. This site too pays using satoshi and the amount ranges from 100 to 500 satoshi units. You earn from this site by entering several captcha data and entering a certain number per hour of work. The weakness with this site is that you will only withdraw your earning once you hit 5,500 satoshi units. (
This site is another free bitcoin website where one has to complete countless surveys and also watch videos to earn free bitcoin. The site leaves so many unanswered questions on the issues shown on their website like a batch signifying that the site is secure and confidential.

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