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Numuni Inc. Announces Plans to Enter Bitcoin Mining


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Sun Kissed Industries, Inc.’s Numuni Inc. subsidiary says that it sees bitcoin mining as a key source of revenue for its digital media platform.

Numuni Is Getting Into Mining At an Odd Time

The company works to ensure digital content creators garner funds for their work. The company recently put out a statement suggesting that it may get into bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining in the coming weeks, though it’s probably not thinking everything through.

For one thing, miners are about to lose a lot of revenue in the next seven days. While there are still digital rewards to be had, they will not compare to where they’ve been in the past several weeks, months or even years. Bitcoin is undergoing its third official halving on May 12 – about a week from now – and thus, bitcoin mining rewards will fall from about 12.5 to roughly 6.25 BTC for every new bitcoin block extraction to occur.

This creates a serious conundrum in that the company is looking to get into bitcoin and crypto mining right when things are about to take a serious slide. While the halving is slated to push bitcoin’s price to unprecedented levels and keep hodlers and enthusiasts happy, the situation is quite different for miners, who are going to be paid a lot less for every new block that gets mined. This raises the question, “Is Numuni right to think that now is the time to get involved in digital mining?”

Robert Reynolds – CEO of Numuni – explained in a statement on social media:

Our platform, unlike others that you may be familiar with (Seti@home, Folding@home, etc.) is designed from the ground up with near limited adaptability. Feedback from our over 6,000 beta installs has allowed the rapid shift from phase one to phase two. The team here at Numuni is excited to switch gears from strict R&D to a production environment generating revenues internally via mining and externally via computational resource contracts.

The good news is that Numuni seems to have its fingers in multiple pots. Thus, if mining doesn’t work out, the platform could always turn to gaming to substantiate its income. The company offers to reduce and/or eliminate ads for gamers while also increasing revenue for publishers. This eliminates annoying advertisements that disrupt gaming experiences while still ensuring producers garner the funds they’re entitled to.

We Are Ahead of the Game

In addition, the gaming market provides the company with additional computational power that it can then sell to third parties for a serious profit. Carl Grant – CEO of Sun Kissed Industries Inc. – says:

As discussed by Robert Reynolds, the Numuni platform brings massive computational power within easy reach for many institutions, companies and individuals. This puts Sun Kissed and Numuni at the forefront of the next wave in the computer science field.

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