Somewhere Nowhere is a nightclub that’s based in New York. What makes this business so special, other than the fact that it’s NYC’s tallest lounge area? It’s going to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments from patrons.

Somewhere Nowhere Pushes the Goals of Crypto

While many digital assets have taken on speculative forms in recent years, the fact remains that they were all initially designed to serve as payment methods. People were supposed to be able to use bitcoin and many of its crypto cousins as ways to pay for goods and services. This would ultimately push credit cards, checks, and fiat currencies to the side in the coming future, but sadly, this journey has been rather slow.

The reason for that is because crypto tends to be rather volatile. Nobody can really predict when these assets are going to travel up or down, and as a result, there is always a chance that businesses will lose profit if they accept crypto payments. Thus, many of them have said “no” over the years, and to a degree, we can’t really blame them.

Somewhere Nowhere is now pushing the initial bitcoin goals and trying to make the currency far more legitimate by enabling its payment status. The company will accept bitcoin and Ethereum payments through a system powered by Coinbase, one of the largest and most popular digital currency trading platforms in the world. At the same time, patrons still looking to pay with credit cards and more traditional tools will be allowed to do so.

Sameer Qureshi – co-founder and owner of El Grupo SN – explained in an interview:

Somewhere Nowhere is about creating a sensory-driven experience, and we decided to take it one step further with the addition of this next generation currency.

A New String of NFTs Coming!

Nathan Leong – who co-founded the nightclub – also threw his two cents into the mix, saying:

It’s exciting to be part of this futuristic time and to continue to bring unique experiences to our guests through technology, and this is just the beginning… We are excited to offer our NFT collection to power a new form of membership and even more excited by the fact that we will be working with Moonwalk to enable [the guests of] Somewhere Nowhere to experience new and exclusive real-world experiences powered by the blockchain. Details on what’s included in the NFT will be available in the coming weeks. A dedicated server on Discord will be dedicated towards growing and informing our community on all things Metaverse and NFT related.

Somewhere Nowhere is known for its 360-views of the Manhattan skyline. The nightclub takes up over 5,000 square feet and is built to ensure sound and light is blended properly while giving patrons the best music possible from top local and international DJs.

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