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Obsidian ICO to End Soon on August 19,2017


The pre-sale of Obsidian, a crypto currency based, fast and secure anonymous messaging platform, has already ended with issuance of more than 3.4 million Obsidian tokens (ODN) to more than 700 participants. The crowdsale of the ODN token will be ending by August 19, 2017. The pre-sale was offered with exclusive discounts as 25%, 20%, 15%, and 5% for the first four weeks, respectively. The company has already nearly sold 8 million ODN tokens in its pre-sale/ICO

About the Ongoing Crowdsale

The crowdsale of Obsidian tokens is open to all. Contributing 1 Bitcoin enables investors to get 21,433 ODN tokens, while 1 Ether brings them 2,192 ODK tokens. This crowdsale is open till August 19, 2017. Participants are required to have an Obsidian account, after which they can purchase ODN tokens with Bitcoin and Ether.

What is Obsidian Platform?

The Obsidian platform is C# blockchain based messaging platform, developed on Stratis, with both Service Nodes and Masternodes. The company has designed the Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM) application, which at present, is under public alpha testing.

The OSM Messanger – Fully Private & Secure Messaging

The messenger is embedded with fundamental abilities including text and binary file transfer, and value (ODN) transfer. Other features that are under development include group chat, video and photo sharing and other extensions.

It is encrypted

The end-to-end bcrypt sha512 encryption algorithm ensures the privacy of the files shared between the contacts. Only intended recipients can assess the files.

It is anonymous

The platform’s end-to-end encryption also ensures that all the messages, whether pictures, videos, files, messages or more, are accessible only by the intended users. With time-restricted auto deletion of messenger transfers, the privacy of the users over the platform cannot be breached.

It is decentralized

The integration of blockchain in Obsidian’s new ecosystem implies that the platform is totally decentralized, unlike Signal and Threema. Decentralization, combined with encryption and privacy, leads to a unique and secure platform that is first of its kind in the industry.

Token Distribution in Crowdsale

There are a total of 29.4 million ODN tokens announced for the crowdsale. The 50% of the funds generated from the crowdsale will be divided between two escrow accounts; first include marketing, advertising, developers, daily operational costs and similar expenses, while second one includes company’s reserved assets as a compliance with regulatory agencies. The remaining half will be distributed and stored among the core group’s members.

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