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Omnia Markets Unveils New Crypto Education Tool


Omnia Markets, Inc.  – an artificial intelligence platform that offers crypto data and industry market information – is launching a new We Funder campaign to garner support for its new cryptocurrency education tool that will help investors understand the volatility that comes with digital assets.

Omnia Markets Wants Educated Investors

Many of the world’s biggest virtual currencies, such as bitcoin and Ethereum, will often experience heavy price swings that make the industry exceedingly difficult to predict. Things are not always clear about where they are going. Assets go up and down, and this can make things troublesome for investors looking to see valid returns on their stashes.

One of the big things that can often get in the way of valid investing decisions is a lack of education. In the crypto space, many people have jumped in without really knowing what they’re doing. They experience FOMO (fear of missing out) and want so badly to make a few quick bucks that they don’t stop to think of the ramifications before stepping aboard the crypto train.

Omnia Markets wants very much to fix this and prevent people from jumping in without having valid knowledge. Mitesh Shah – founder and CEO of Omnia Markets – explained in an interview:

We are looking for investors that want to support a company that provides information from global sources with the highest level of analytical tools at an affordable cost, promotes effortless research to make the best investment decisions in the volatile crypto market, and be a part of a new wave in data analytics in a dynamic market. Now more than ever, investors need unbiased education, information, and analytical tools to make informed investment decisions in a market that has declined along with most of the other investable markets, such as stocks and bonds, around the world.

This new product the company is planning to unveil will provide valid information regarding all the world’s major digital currencies to help investors understand their technology, their pricing structures, and their benefits. Shah continued with:

At a time when media is focusing on one or two currencies, such as bitcoin and Ethereum, the Omnia Markets platform is offering a comprehensive tableau of all major global cryptocurrencies in real time, which is absolutely necessary in this time of flux in the markets.

Offering the Right Information

The product, the company says, will get all its customers on the same level and offer everyone the same degree of sophistication as someone who has been involved in the digital currency arena for a long while. The tool will provide its users with a wide array of educational materials that will discuss blockchain, decentralized finance (defi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and assorted cryptocurrencies.

The company also said that while the tool shouldn’t be a replacement for higher education, it can help people get on the right path.

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