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One Token to Rule Them All (LKSCOIN NFT Token)


Non-Fungible Token to optimize the music industry and copyright protection processes

When studying the world of cryptocurrencies it is essential to take into consideration, and never give up on this focal point, the reason why you intend to join it. Many people lose sight of this aim, tempted by false myths, by the stories that are told about it, or by the popularity that a project comes to obtain. However, they forget the roots. The why is as important as the how. Maybe even more. Emptied of a solid purpose, an investment, an intention to develop, or a simple curiosity, means to be lost in the maze of the narrative of others.

Many followed this path and inevitably found themselves angry and holding the bag. Consequently, it is crucial to ask firstly why one wants to become part of a certain project, why one believes in a certain community; in this way, in fact, no competing and subtle narrative will scratch their beliefs, since they are firmly rooted in the stainlessness of a clear and precise roadmap.

In this specific case, LKSCOIN aims to assist entities and institutions that today act as intermediaries between creators of online content and copyright laws. The known problem of the inefficiency of the remuneration process of those who have inventiveness and creativity, as well as giving the possibility to those who want to finance a certain content to be able to do it without having to face a long and expensive path, have a solution today. By optimizing all the intermediate steps that today exist between those figures, the clumsiness of bureaucracy, and the complication of passages that makes the economic environment (especially that of copyright laws) a dry and barren place is now overcome.

By resorting to blockchain technologies, it is now possible to separate economic/social efficiency from bureaucratic delays. In fact, the latter are all costs which add up to the market players who would simply like to conclude a mutually profitable agreement. This should not be underestimated, because this is exactly what makes piracy and the black market emerge. Market demand cannot be artificially suppressed, so it will inevitably emerge in one way or the other. Why? Because economic science is not a questionable science. It is founded on rigorous, always true principles that cannot be violated. And where there is an unfulfilled demand, an offer ready to make up for this lack will pop up.

LKSCOIN, in fact, through its NFT (Non-Fungible Token), aims to become an efficient, silent, economic and reliable intermediary for all those who want to share content and earn what’s right for their work. This is the purpose of LKSCOIN, a small step for the LKS community, a big one for the whole copyright environment.

The NFT LKSCOIN Token, which will be developed with the token sale revenues, allows you to create proof of the existence of certain content, with a certain date and a defined identity. An approach and technology that can be used and integrated by social networks, but also by content protection platforms (such as SIAE for Italy, or the Patent Office, EUIPO etc.), to offer their customers more efficient and linear solutions.

For all those interested in learning more and participating in the token sale of LKSCOIN, we invite you to visit the official website of the Project and the official channel within Cam.TV.



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