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Onecoin Ltd. Sues Norwegian Blockchain Developer Over Defamation Claims


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Not too long ago, it became apparent the OneCoin team was looking to hire a blockchain developer. That seemed rather strange at that time, considering this MLM has been positioning itself as a cryptocurrency for several years. However, one blockchain professional threatened to expose Onecoin for their malicious practices. It turns out he now received a letter from the company’s attorney forcing him to withdraw statements.

Onecoin Makes More Media Headlines

It is evident things are going from bad to worse for Onecoin these past few months. With several investigations pending in various countries, and 18 representatives getting arrested in India recently, the OneCoin name has gotten a very sour aftertaste. Things will only get more troublesome from here on out, though, as the company continues to make decisions that will only reveal its true nature over time.

Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts may remember the name Bjorn Bjercke, a blockchain professional. Bjercke has become somewhat of a hero among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as he was the one exposing OneCoin for not having a blockchain whatsoever. Although most people are well aware of this fact already Bjercke was approached by the company to develop their OneCoin blockchain. It did not take long for him to decline the offer, though.

Once it became clear what had transpired and what OneCoin was truly about, Bjercke took to YouTube as a way to expose this fraudulent company. He even posted a thorough YouTube video – linked below this article – in which he utterly destroyed the OneCoin blockchain concept. It is good to see people like him take the time to educate the people on why they need to avoid this MLM Ponzi scheme, although it seems a lot of people still fall for this obvious scam.

Fast forward to earlier this week, when Bjorn Bjercke received a letter from OneCoin Ltd’s attorney. He is forced to withdraw previous statements made regarding the company and delete all of the videos on his YouTube account. Moreover, they want to force him to issue a public apology or risk dealing with a lawsuit. It seems rather odd for the company to only do so now, considering this content has been out in the open for quite some time now.

It is not entirely surprising to learn Bjercke has no intention to comply with these demands. OneCoin is a “cancer to the cryptocurrency community”, as he states on his blog. He actually hired his own lawyer to fight this request and expose OneCoin and the OneLife parent company for their shady practices. Doing so is quite an expensive venture, though, and donations to his cause are always welcome.

Things are unraveling quite fast for OneCoin as of late, and we may be getting closer to finally seeing this major Ponzi scheme collapse. Ever since Dr Ruja fled the sinking ship, OneCoin has found itself in very contested waters. Now that Bjercke is ready to go to court, thinks will get very hairy for OneCoin quickly. After all, the last thing this company needs is an official criminal investigation. It is a matter of time until their shills are exposed as well.

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