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OpenAI’s ChatGPT Picks Best DeFi Tokens To Turn $100 To $10,000 In 2024


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DeFi tokens have risen for the past few weeks amid the Ethereum ETF approval speculation, attracting DeFi investors seeking to turn modest investments into substantial gains.

Let’s delve into the top DeFi tokens selected by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, each offering unique value propositions and significant growth potential.

RCO Finance (RCOF): Set For a 1,580% Rise in Presale

RCO Finance (RCOF) stands out among the promising DeFi tokens worth trying in 2024. 

Notably, the RCOF token is poised for remarkable growth, with its expected 1,580% price rise in its ongoing public presale round. It is currently selling at $0.0127, and at the end of the presale, it is expected to be selling at $0.2142.

Moreover, the anticipated surge post-listing on decentralized and centralized exchanges further enhances its investment appeal. 

RCO Finance’s commitment to accessibility and innovation sets it apart, making RCOF a prime candidate for exponential returns in 2024.

RCO Finance stands at the forefront of the DeFi revolution, leveraging blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to redefine how investors interact with financial markets. 

Its decentralized trading platform introduces a groundbreaking concept, allowing users to purchase stocks and real-world assets (RWA) using cryptocurrency directly. 

By allowing people to buy stocks with crypto, RCO Finance eliminates the cumbersome process of converting crypto to fiat currency, democratizing investment opportunities.

Injective (INJ) Price: 2,700% Surge in 2023

Injective (INJ) emerges as another top DeFi coin, driving innovation in the TradeFi market. 

With a staggering gain of over 2,700% in 2023 and a surge of over 200% in 2024, INJ has garnered widespread attention for its network capabilities. 

Designed to support sophisticated DeFi applications, Injective, the protocol behind the INJ token, holds immense potential for continued growth in 2024.

Injective blockchain excels in scalability and interoperability, facilitating seamless trade execution and decentralized derivatives trading. 

As the TradeFi sector continues to evolve, INJ remains at the forefront, offering investors the opportunity to capitalize on the next wave of DeFi innovation.

Sei (SEI) Price: 11,000% Surge in a year

Sei, the blockchain behind the Sei (SEI) token, emerges as a disruptive force in the DeFi landscape, pushing the boundaries of decentralized finance infrastructure. 

With an astounding price increase of over 6,200% in the past year, SEI showcases remarkable growth potential. Emphasizing attributes like speed and low expenses, Sei’s streamlined utilization appeals to both investors and developers.

Sei blockchain prioritizes efficiency and security, laying the foundation for more secure and effective decentralized exchanges. 

As DeFi adoption continues to surge, SEI stands poised to capitalize on this momentum with its upcoming v2 upgrade, offering investors a gateway to exponential returns in 2024.

Sui (SUI) Price: Recovery Past $2 Expected

Sui (SUI) emerges as one of the fastest-growing DeFi coins, catalyzing expansion in the market.

Although 20% down over the past month, the price of SUI skyrocketed by over 273% at the beginning of the year, hitting a new all-time high of $2.18 in March 2024, showcasing its growth potential.

Analysts believe SUI is poised for a massive price recovery, possibly surging past its all-time high in the coming months. The bullish sentiment is supported by the 40% increase in total value locked (TVL) over the last 30 days.

SUI’s blockchain, built using delegated proof-of-stake consensus, offers fast, private, and secure digital ownership. 

With Sui’s user-friendly interface, robust infrastructure, and upcoming Mysticeti upgrade that recently launched on testnet, SUI token positions itself as a top contender for exponential growth in the 2024 bull cycle, especially after the 

Theta Network (THETA) price: Projected to Hit $10 in 2024

Theta Network (THETA) represents the convergence of DeFi and artificial intelligence (AI), offering unparalleled innovation in the market. 

With a steady rise in price since its partnership with EdgeCloud, THETA showcases significant growth potential. 

Despite experiencing a slight decline over the past few days, THETA token presents a compelling investment opportunity. Analysts project it to rise from the current $2.18 to $10 before the year ends.

THETA’s blockchain integration of AI enhances DeFi functionality, paving the way for enhanced user experiences. 

As demand for AI-driven DeFi solutions grows, THETA is poised to capitalize on this trend and offer investors substantial returns in the coming year.


With RCO Finance (RCOF) leading the charge, promising DeFi tokens like Injective (INJ), Sei (SEI), Sui (SUI), and Theta Network (THETA) offer unique value propositions, giving investors a myriad of options to capitalize on the 2024 bull cycle. 

Notably, savvy investors can position themselves for exponential returns in the coming months by participating in the RCO Finance (RCOF) public presale round, which is currently in its first stage and expected to run through five stages. 

Contrary to the rest of the DeFi tokens picked by the ChatGPT, the presale offers a unique opportunity. It offers investors a chance to purchase a new DeFi token before it lists on major exchanges, which mostly leads to exponential price surges.

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