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Opinion: Is Trump Crypto’s Best Hope for Survival in America?


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Several people have thrown their hats into the 2024 presidential ring, and while many of them are talking about their alleged plans involving crypto and America, it’s interesting that the one man who’s stayed relatively silent on the subject – Donald Trump – could still be the best hope for the country’s digital currency arena.

Why Trump Remains the #1 Choice

Let’s look at the most known presidential candidates to see which one stands higher than the rest:

Joe Biden

Everyone knows that another term for Joe Biden would mean the death of crypto. As the leading face of the democrat party, Biden has worked hard to make traders’ lives miserable. Between an Obama-era policy designed to shut out the crypto arena from traditional financial tools, a phony infrastructure bill aimed at traders, and now a 30 percent tax on all crypto mining, it’s clear Biden seeks a future for America where crypto doesn’t exist.

Unless Americans want more persecution and financial repression, they should do all they can to get Biden out of office.

Robert Kennedy Jr.

Arguably Biden’s biggest threat when it comes to this year’s democratic nomination, Kennedy has said, in passing, he’s against Biden on all things when it comes to crypto. Making an appearance at this year’s Miami Bitcoin Conference, he mentioned he’s not only accepting crypto donations for his campaign, but he’ll ensure no government interference ever occurs when it comes to bitcoin trading.

While this sounds dandy, the fact remains that Kennedy is still an active member of the democrat party, which one could argue is the main enemy of all crypto fans in the U.S. Figures like Elizabeth Warren, Leticia James in New York, and others have made it clear they seek to end the reign of crypto in this country for good.

They’ve also made a habit of sticking together no matter what. This raises several questions, a big one being whether Kennedy, down the line, will have the guts to always stand up against those he calls his colleagues, and if he does, will he have the strength to maintain such fortitude for four years? Getting the answers to these questions after he’s entered the White House may prove too late.

Vivek Ramaswamy

Republican candidate Ramaswamy has stated that he seeks to limit all taxes on crypto mining. He’s also very much against the damaging tactics Biden has instilled and wants America to ring in a whole new wave of crypto innovation.

While this sounds promising, however, what else is he planning? Ramaswamy, for the most part, has remained relatively silent when it comes to other policy aspects. What will he do, for example, about the economy should he win next year? Bitcoin and crypto can only go so far, and it’s unlikely they’ll solve all the damage done to America’s financial system… at least not quickly, so what else does he have in store?

Unfortunately, we don’t quite know, and until we do, we cannot assume that his candidacy is strong or legitimate enough simply because he’s willing to discuss crypto and blockchain when others won’t.

Ron DeSantis

At first glance, DeSantis – the republican governor of Florida who announced his candidacy in late May – seems like the perfect candidate. He’s commented, in the past, that everyone has a right to bitcoin trading, and he’s worked to prevent CBDCs from being established in Florida, as he believes they’ll be tools for government spying. This is all good… Right?

Unfortunately, DeSantis’ background and network appear rather shady when one looks deep enough. There are several allegations, for example, that DeSantis is a neocon secretly being funded by George Soros, a known enemy of the U.S. Soros is also funding Alvin Bragg, the corrupt DA in Manhattan who lets violent criminals get off with warnings while going after President Trump for an NDA case from roughly seven years ago that both the federal government and the Federal Election Commission (FEC) looked at and passed on after feeling there was nothing worthy of prosecution.

If such statements regarding DeSantis are true, that’s scary, and it’s something Americans likely don’t want to find out after he’s already been elected to the White House. If DeSantis indeed has connections to Soros, one can bet that all his talk about crypto will probably go out the door if he’s pressed to police Americans and their financial liberties.

Donald Trump

When it comes to crypto’s future in America, Trump (who’s currently leading in all the polls) may seem like the least likely candidate given he’s said some negative things about digital assets in the past. However, when one puts these comments aside, they can’t help but realize that he’s the one, true choice if crypto is going to survive within this nation’s borders.

The fact is that Trump already has a proven track record, meaning he can potentially get the current financial state of America back on track in the shortest period. During his first term as president, the economy was in its best shape in a long while. Bitcoin reached its first all-time high of nearly $20K during 2017, and the arena endured a remarkable turnaround in 2020 during the COVID pandemic, a time when it likely should have gone to pieces.

In addition, stocks and gold were also high, and this is exactly what crypto fans should be eager for. An arena where all three primary asset classes – stocks, precious metals, and digital currencies – are strong and on the same level. This is the only way to achieve economic balance. This doesn’t happen when one is performing miles above another or when one endures shakiness while another is steady. Trump, in many ways, leveled the playing field for America’s economy like no other president has, and for this reason alone, he’s likely the top candidate when it comes to crypto’s safety.

Lastly, Trump has pledged freedom for all American citizens, suggesting that while he may not partake in crypto trading, investors can rest assured their plans will not be hindered while he’s in office.

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