For some, the United States presidential election is over. A winner – Joe Biden – has allegedly been declared, and many financial analysts are confident that this new successor to the White House is going to do wonders for bitcoin and really put the cryptocurrency space on the map, but it’s possible these individuals are jumping the gun.

Bitcoin Isn’t Quite on the Political Map Yet

Before we go on, we need to get one thing straight… Biden is not the official winner of anything yet. The fact is that this election is still going, and America, in many ways, is in a rather gray area regarding how its political environment will play out in the coming months.

For one thing, there is massive evidence of election fraud emerging every day that suggests Democrats took this contest through cheating and deceit. If this evidence continues to grow, there’s certainly a chance the election will be overturned, and current president Donald Trump will garner a second term.

Right now, the only figure hurriedly claiming that Biden is the president-elect is the media. Despite the accusations of election fraud and the numerous investigations that have come about since then, mainstream reporters are continually shoving this information to the side and acting like all is well and that America should look forward to its new commander-in-chief come January.

The media appears to be forgetting something, however. It does not choose the president. The people of America choose the president, and with certain legal figures claiming that Trump earned far more votes than what mainstream news outlets are reporting, it is quite likely the people chose something different than what the media might have us believe.

Another big clincher? Several states have instilled electors that could go either way. As we all know, the Electoral College plays a heavy hand in choosing the next president. Once states certify the votes, they go to members of Congress for a final evaluation, who then place the seal of approval on the certifications. The president is then fully and officially elected.

Financial Analysts Need To Be Sure Before Suggesting Anything

As it stands, several (how ironic) contested states – including Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona – have dual electors, meaning there are those that could be loyal to Trump or to Biden. Should Trump’s electors have the hutzpah to recognize any existing fraud, they could very well issue their vote to the current president, which could officially declare Trump the winner granted enough votes go his way.

As it stands, there are many outlets that could potentially lead to Biden’s alleged win becoming null and void. Thus, all the crypto analysts out there who keep pushing a Biden-bitcoin agenda are likely not thinking about all that could happen between now and late January. The fact remains that there is no “Biden and bitcoin” until the election is completely over, so they shouldn’t vouch for anything without being fully sure of what’s next.

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