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Opinion: Trump Is Running for President Again, and Crypto Fans Owe Him Their Votes


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In a very interesting twist, the United States Supreme Court is considering a case that would see Joe Biden removed from office while reinstating Donald J. Trump to the White House.

Is Trump Again Heading to the White House?

The details of the case are a tad more complicated, though the basic premise lays out what many Americans likely already knew beyond a reasonable doubt: that fraud indeed took place in the 2020 presidential election and Trump was cheated out of  second term. If fraud didn’t happen and Biden was fairly elected by the people, why would the Supreme Court consider this case at all?

In the past year or so, two separate states have declared Joe Biden merely the acting president and claim he was illegitimately selected for duty in the White House. One was Texas, and it’s easy to assume that such arguments are one-sided or biased if people only look at that state’s arguments. After all, Texas went to Trump in 2020 and has long been a red (conservative) region.

But oddly, the second state to declare this was Wisconsin, an area that went to Biden in 2020. At the last minute, Biden appeared to pull out a thin lead and took the state’s electoral votes. A state that went to the present commander-in-chief is now saying it should have gone to Trump. This needs to arouse suspicion in all of us.

The situation makes sense in many ways. Tens of thousands of people showed up to Trump rallies in 2020. Despite the ongoing pandemic, stay-at-home requests, and mask requirements, many Americans still put themselves at risk to show love for their president and give him the support he needed.

By contrast, Biden rallies often consisted of anywhere between five and 15 people. The man never left his basement, hardly campaigned, and has a very questionable history behind him involving his drug-addicted son Hunter, racism, and a political career in which he’s accomplished virtually nothing.

By the time his second campaign began, Trump had solved several of America’s troubles including its lack of border protection. Unemployment was also at record lows, and the stock market had improved significantly since the embarrassing and destructive days of Barack Obama.

Biden Has Done Nothing but Hurt Crypto Investors

Last November following the midterms, Trump declared his candidacy for president in 2024. If Trump isn’t reinstated and is required to run again, crypto fans arguably owe him their votes. While Trump has not always said kind things about crypto in the past, he has never acted against the space, and he’s allowed traders to enjoy the autonomy and other benefits that often come with it. He may not like crypto, but he’s not going to thwart others’ crypto dreams.

Biden, however, has done virtually everything he can to make digital currency investors’ lives difficult. Between using an infrastructure bill to attack them come tax time beginning in 2024 to invoking economic practices that caused prices to crash to new lows last year, Biden has shown the crypto community his true colors, and those that want change should give Trump a second opportunity to heal the country and ensure financial freedom is in place for all like he did between 2017 and 2021.

Nick Marinoff
Nick Marinoffhttps://www.livebitcoinnews.com/
Nick Marinoff is currently a lead news writer and editor for Money & Tech, a San Francisco-based broadcasting station that reports on all things digital currency-related. He has also written for a number of other online and print publications including Black Impact Magazine, EKT Interactive, Seal Beach USA and Benzinga.com, to name a few. He has recently published his first e-book "Take a 'Loan' Off Your Shoulders: 14 Simple Tricks for Graduating Debt Free" now available on Amazon. He is excited about the potential digital currency offers, particularly its ability to finance unbanked populations and bring nations together financially.


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