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Orakuru is Going Live. KickPad Gives a Green Light to IDOs


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Meet Orakuru, the first IDO project on KickPad. Orakuru is an oracle running on BSC that is going to have the highest number of BSC-based feeds. Each node will earn APY for validating.


Cryptocurrency attracts people primarily because of its peer-to-peer nature. Users can carry out transactions with assets in different markets independently. DeFi projects already have $42 billion locked-up, which is proof of their advantage.

DeFi tokens are farmable and allow users to generate high income. This new approach is disrupting the financial system that has generated rent-seekers in the past centuries. Community governance is a key to an alternative, fairer system. Developers, platforms, and projects in this system are entirely anonymous, thanks to IDO.

IDO and the DeFi community share a common core principle to respect the right to anonymity. To grant it, they need trustless providers who can keep the anonymous system efficient. One of such providers is the Orakuru project.

About Orakuru

Orakuru runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and supplies it with reliable off-chain data and prices. It is one of the first KickPad projects that stands out for its transparency and security.

Orakuru can make successful or failing predictions by relying on users’ nodes and stakes. Node expects a reward for a correct forecast or punishment for incorrectly forecasted information. Initially, configurable seven trustless nodes exist to decentralize the system. To configure these nodes, you need to get data from ‘scrapers.’

Orakuru, in Q3, will continue to farm and contribute tokens for the DAO treasury. The Orakuru community, which the system is primarily targeted at, can receive information and new suggestions at snapshot.org. In the future, the system plans to support other blockchains.

About KickPad

The days are gone when crypto investors had to trust new projects with no guarantee. Now, this IDO marketplace can offer automatic liquidity blocking.

KickPad is part of the BSC ecosystem with the advantages of quick operations and low commissions. If an IDO does not reach the soft cap, it returns the money. Above all, KickPad provides anonymity and liquidity locking for increased security. The transparency of the system allows investors to observe interest and sales as well as see the duration of liquidity locking.

The seller and the buyer can see the entire transaction process using KickDex. It is a pre-sale platform that makes liquidity locking a smoother process. It means that the chance of the seller to disappear after receiving money is dramatically reduced. In this process, the system adjusts transactions automatically.



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