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OTPPAY – The Next World Class Cryptocurrency Exchange


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One of the biggest problems that the cryptocurrency industry is facing right now is converting crypto to FIAT. That’s one of the most known issues and it affects traders as well as businesses. It’s hard to sell a product for cryptocurrency when the market is so volatile. Given this fact, your business may have to suffer in case of a market crash.

This is the problem that OTPPAY wants to solve by creating a world class crypto exchange platform where converting cryptocurrency to FIAT would be easier than anywhere.

OTPPAY thrives to bridge the gap between Crypto to Fiat. Their main focus is to take the crypto to the common people day to day life. Moreover, their protocol will address the Transactions Per Second (TPS) & Cost Per Second (CPS) through value equalisation techniques and smart swapping procedures

OTPPAY Features – What Makes Them so Special?

Firstly, the cryptocurrency buy & sell process will be much easier. With an eKYC verification process, the user will be able to trade freely in just a matter of seconds. You will also have the ability to sync your bank account, debit card or credit card and purchase your favorite cryptocurrency with FIAT.

Another great feature of the OTPPAY is the AI & ML powered cryptocurrency exchange. This means that a matching engine cross marches the requests and swaps them, while having the lowest fees in the industry. Using a mixture of traditional security (PCI-DSS) and crypto standard, the architecture is built to offer the best trading experience in the market.

But the most impressive feature is the OTPPAY wallet. For merchants, this means they can easily offer a QR code where the clients could easily transfer the funds to. There will also be a possibility of issuing NFC payments using cryptocurrency. In case these options doesn`t help you, you can create your own system using the OTPPAY open API – ready to be integrated with any merchant.

Lastly, the OTPPAY wallet will also have a lending option, based on your Crypto Credit Rating which will be calculated according to your transactions and other conditions. The lending program will allow you lend 2x to 5x the amount of your monthly sales as a short time credit.

OTPPAY Private Sale – The Best Time to Get OTP Tokens  

Until 4th March, the OTPPAY will hold their private sale. The private sale is designed to offer the highest reward to the initial investors, the people that believed in the idea from the start. Right now, there’s a 100% bonus in tokens – which means that if you invest in OTPPAY in their private sale phase, you would get the highest ROI possible. According to their website, for 1 ETH invested you would earn 53,332 OTP tokens.

Their Pre-ICO starts on March 5th and ends on April 3rd. For 1 ETH investment in the Pre-ICO stage, you would earn 16,000 OTP tokens and a 20% bonus. The first stage of the ICO will start on April 4th and end on May 3rd. The bonus is lowered here, as for an investment of 1 ETH you’d receive only 8,000 OTP and a 15% bonus. The final ICO stage would start on May 4th and end on June 2nd – with a 1 ETH for 8,000 tokens exchange rate plus a 10% bonus in OTP tokens.

On the ICO page you can also find out more details about fund allocation, OTPPAY distributed payment architecture, the AI & ML powered request marching engine, the team and the future roadmap.


OTPPAY is a project with the potential of disrupting an industry. Even though they’re in the private sale phase, the idea behind it could be the solution for massive cryptocurrency adoption by merchants and not only.

More Information: 

Telegram: https://t.me/otppaychat
Youtube: OTPPAY Youtube Channel
Twitter: https://twitter.com/otppay
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Otppay/
Medium: https://medium.com/@atotppay


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