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Out of Space – Out of limits and boundaries We unite spaces, bring people together


Out of Space is a decentralized ecosystem consisting of Trading Terminal, White Listing,  Marketplaces, its own Blockchain, P2P Platform, Crypto Portfolio and Social Network.

All elements, applications, tools, and products of the ecosystem are combined by the KYC system and its own utility token, which is used both to pay for all products and dApps in the ecosystem and to support the Out of Space community.

The created KYC system allows users to pass the KYC procedure on the platform once and link its results to their wallets. KYC data is applied to all projects presented on the platform. It is used during token sales, voting procedures, participation in lotteries or sweepstakes.

The Trading Terminal allows users to connect centralized and decentralized exchanges to combine all the tools and benefits of decentralization and centralization within a single platform. In the Trading Terminal, everybody can track prices on different exchanges in order to make the most profitable transactions, and trade using the advantages of price differences on various exchanges.

White Listing has a dual purpose. It is a platform for voting and making important decisions in the life of the community and various projects, and a Launchpad for listing new startups with incubator functions and organizing general advertising and marketing campaigns to promote them.

Only the best NFTs are represented in our Marketplace. We value the creative potential of each of our users and offer the best conditions for the creators of NFT. We have also created Marketplaces for traders, investors, developers and job seekers, IT/blockchain employees.

Our own Blockchain has a multi-level structure and supports smart contracts. This will help developers deploy independent dApps that can interact with each other. On the Blockchain, it is possible to make payments between different dApps and use common ecosystem tools.

For direct exchange between users, we have created a P2P Platform. Any user of the platform can discuss the best conditions for the exchange of digital assets. And the escrow service will ensure the security of transactions and the trust of users.

The open and closed Crypto Portfolio is available to our users along with a diary specially developed by our team. Thanks to our tools, even a beginner can successfully start trading.

Our users can not only exchange crypto assets. They can communicate with each other. To do this, we have created our own Social Network. Each participant of the Social Network has a personal NFT page and a messenger inside the ecosystem. Out of Space participants can not only communicate but also earn.

Our tools are not limited to the above. We will never stop at what we have achieved, we will constantly add new features, new products.

To raise funds for the development of the Out of Space platform and its ecosystem, we are holding a Seed Round. The exact date of which you can find out from our news on the website and social networks.

A special NFT contract has been created for the Seed Round, which gives early investors the following privileges.

They get:

  • 1. ? A private messenger on the blockchain for the VIP group of the first round and the project team. Insides and much more.
  • 2. ? NFT tokens of the first round. They will receive premium NFT after the launch of the Marketplace.
  • 3. ? Comprehensive assistance and support of the team.
  • 4. ? An Event with a decent prize pool: a team of a seed round against a team of a private round.
  • 5. ? The premium first round of our Honest lottery on the blockchain among the participants of the first round with a Prize Fund of $100,000. The lottery will be held in January 2022.
  • 6. ? Free VIP tracking of transactions of our professional traders.
  • 7. ? Participants will make a collective decision and will participate in voting on the further development of the project.
  • 8. ? Design of the NFT page in the social network inside our Out of Space ecosystem.
  • 9. ? Premium APY – annual percentage yield from farming and staking.
  • 10. ? Airdrops for the first round.
  • 11. ? 0% tax fee.
  • 12. ? And also allocation equal to their investments in the main contract.

For more information please visit:

Our website: https://outspace.io/
Our support: [email protected]
Our twitter: https://twitter.com/outspaceio
Our telegram: https://t.me/outofspaceann
Out of Space Chat : https://t.me/outspace_chat



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