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Oyster: Online Advertising and Storage Platform on Blockchain


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Oyster is the new and improved alternative to cloud storage. It brings onboard anonymous data storage as well as web-accessibility, which is a first of its kind. In addition, it is safe to say that the platform offers a way to remove the barriers between advertisers and ad blockers. This new solution to the internet economy provides a parallel revenue stream to websites by simply adding an extra line of code. What this generally means is that the website owners will turn their visitors into treasure hunters who will have to search for Oyster Pearls, which in this case is the PRL token.

Oyster also encompasses new ways of solving issues related to the digital advertising industry. With Oyster web users only need to add one simple line of code to their web browser. The other advantage is that web users do not require to go through any registration or approval process.

Unlike other methods such as BAT (Basic Attention Token), this requires a browser. Brave is a browser designed by the BAT team to track user attention to advertisements. Oyster is simple and rewarding. Moreover, it is completely decentralized, meaning that no one can block them from generating revenue.

In comparison to the disruptive nature of adverts, Oyster only show users small noticeable content which doesn’t take up valuable pixel space or break the content and design continuity of websites as in the case of other similar platforms.

Oyster still emerges as a better option when compared to other decentralized storage protocols like Storj and Siacoin. It is because they require miners on their network to use custom software which runs the operating system natively. As a result, the deployment of miners remains low, impacting the storage capacity and reliability of the platform.

Oyster offers more reliability and a scalable storage solution. It can quickly turn visitors on web browsers into miners. The web-based primary client on Oyster comes with an added advantage as it doesn’t rely on specialized software installed on an operating system to maintain the network. The platform’s PRL tokens play a significant role in the ecosystem as the preferred mode of transaction and people can use it to pay for data storage with the tokens. The stable pricing mechanism implemented by the platform further encourages people to invest and transact in PRL tokens than fiat or other volatile cryptocurrencies.

More information about the platform is available on the platform’s website.


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