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Paradise for Crypto Gamers: 5 Must-Try Play-to-Earn and Gambling Platforms for Big Wins!


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The love of games is inherent in human nature. While playing games, people strengthen social connections, learn new skills, fuel their imagination, and learn to solve problems using logic. From the very cradle, a person learns about the world through games, and with age this love does not disappear. The only thing changing is the game itself.

Now, with the development of technology, the world of games has become even more diverse, and with the advent of GameFi, NFTs and cryptocurrencies, games have become not only entertainment, but also a way to receive tangible rewards for your successes. While Bitcoin continues to trade sluggishly below $30,000, it’s time to find a pleasant outlet in the form of a game. Moreover, the current blockchain industry offers various game mechanics that allow you to maximize your assets. We found five play-to-earn and gambling platforms that are worth trying. Even if you don’t win, you’ll definitely have a great time!


Sports are perhaps the most popular form of gaming, causing billions of people around the world to form groups or simply watch interesting sport events alone. According to various estimates, football alone has about 3.5 billion fans in the world, and about 2 million people watch hockey matches.

The love of sports is full of excitement and tension. Now fans can easily transform their excitement into rewards by using their logic to predict the outcome of competitions. When using cryptocurrencies, betting became even easier, and the choice of competitions is truly global.

Dexsport is a cutting-edge Web 3 cryptocurrency betting platform. Dexsport gives the opportunity to bet on any gaming match – from the English Premier League to eSports, cricket and rugby.

Decentralization is its main feature. Users don’t send their crypto assets to the platform’s wallets. Instead of that, users connect their Metamask wallets and deposit supported crypto into certain liquidity pools. This user-friendly approach eliminates withdrawal issues, account blocking, and mandatory KYC procedures – all problems of other betting platforms.

All transactions are fast and anonymous, with a huge range of betting options available. Both newbies and seasoned gamers will find their preferred services on Dexsport.

Last Chance

Who didn’t play the Capture-the-Flag game as a child? Remember the excitement and desire to complete the tasks. The same excitement can now be experienced in Last Chance. And in addition to entertainment, this game will help increase crypto assets. Of course, if you manage to grab luck by the tail.

Last Change is a new play-to-earn shooter game where users can take on the role of special agents who are fighting global threats. The gameplay is exciting and gives no chance to be bored with it. Scenarios change with the gameflow. Thus, your strategy really works and you are not confined within narrow limits of pre-written plot. However, it’s not the only nice feature of the game.

As a play-to-earn game, Last Chance uses NFTs in its gameplay. There are two NFT categories: heroes and weapons. Utilizing various NFT weapons and their character’s unique abilities, players can effectively confront a variety of competitors and come out victorious from battles. NFTs can be upgraded or exchanged for cryptocurrencies. The first complementary NFT starter pack is given for free to all newbies.


STEPN, a Web3 running app, transforms exercise into a rewarding experience, motivating you to lace up those sneakers and hit the outdoors. It bridges the gap by blending fitness, gaming, and social aspects into one exciting activity. Users can wear NFT sneakers and earn Green Satoshi Tokens (GSTs) while walking, jogging, or running outdoors. Upgrading these NFT sneakers amplifies GST earnings, which can then be converted into GMT (Green Metaverse Token), STEPN’s native governance and value token. GMT is exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies.

Alien Worlds

There are fighter players, and there are explorer players. The latter will definitely enjoy the exciting plot of Alien Worlds, a P2E cosmic journey game. Players go on a journey through six planets of a fictional world. The main task is to extract a mineral called Trillium. But the script is not limited to just this role. Players can become traders, land owners, and explorers. They can form syndicates to fight rivals.

Players are rewarded with Trillium tokens for completing daily objectives, mining minerals, and winning battles. All in-game artifacts are made in the form of NFTs, which means they can be sold for cryptocurrency.


Betplay.io is a relatively new licensed online casino established in mid-2020 in Costa Rica. It offers a plethora of casino games, as well as it serves as a betting platform for several most popular sports, such as futbol, tennis, baseball, golf, and table tennis.

Betplay supports major cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE, SOL, & XLM. They also give Welcome Bonus and SignUp Offers in so-called microbitcoins or milli-litecoins. Not a big deal, but that’s a nice compliment to a great range of service.

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