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Participate in vDice ICO with Ether, Bitcoin or any other Altcoin


vDice, the one of a kind Ethereum based, completely decentralized gaming platform has big plans for the future. The platform, currently in the process of raising funds through the ongoing ICO is now allowing individuals to become stakeholders in vDice.

The ICO which went live a couple of days ago received a great response. The crowd sale of vSlice crypto tokens saw an inflow of over $1 million in 90 minutes. According to vDice, the holders of vSlice tokens will be eligible for a share of profits made by the gambling platform. In addition to the profit-sharing model, investors will be free to trade their vSlice tokens for other cryptocurrencies of their choice in the near future as cryptocurrency exchanges include support for the new cryptocurrency.

Investors can currently buy vSlice tokens with ether, bitcoin, and other altcoins as well. In order to take part in the ICO, investors will have to send their ether deposit to the “genesis address” with an additional 200,000 GAS to fuel the transaction. Once the transaction is successfully executed, they will be receiving an equivalent of vSlice tokens in their Ethereum wallet. However, the platform warns the participants to not send ether from their exchange accounts. It is advisable to use Mist or other supported wallets to ensure receipt of vSlice tokens. vSlice tokens received by those investing ether will share the same private key as the Ethereum wallet used to transfer the cryptocurrency.

Those willing to invest Bitcoin or other altcoins have to go through few additional steps. They have to start from scratch by first creating a vSlice wallet on the platform. Once the private key for their vSlice wallet is generated, they can use Shapeshift’s integrated service to convert the respective cryptocurrencies to ether, which will become available in the vSlice wallet. Upon receiving the required ether tokens, they can select “Buy vSlice” option, enter the wallet private key and enter the amount of ether one wishes to invest in vDice and click on the freshly generated “Buy vSlice” button.

More information about the vSlice ICO along with detailed instructions has been posted on platform’s blog.


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