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Passive Token – Generating True Passive Income


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Recently launched Passive Token brings new meaning to the term ‘passive income’. True passive income is often hard to achieve without extensive work and initial investment. Passive Token aims to change this with it’s unique tokenomics model and ecosystem.

Part of the Retire Token ecosystem, Passive Token works to generate the holder true passive income, no strings attached. The ethos of Passive echoes that of it’s parent token, in that it aims to offer the investor a high yield of rewards based on every transaction made.

How does Passive Token work?

The tokenomics of $PASSIVE are simple. Hold 28 tokens to qualify for automatic BUSD rewards. 18% of every transaction is redistributed to every eligible holder. 15% of this is given in BUSD, and 3% is given in the parent token, $RETIRE.

Dual rewards offer additional benefits to the holder, in that Reitre token is also a low supply, high reward token. Holding 100 Retire tokens qualifies the investor for additional USDT rewards for transactions that take place within the Retire network. The tokens work together to generate holders high returns with zero additional effort.

The unique, symbiotic relationship between Retire and Passive token, coupled with the low supply of just 888,888 and high rewards, makes this token very attractive to investors. Rewards are distributed automatically to each holder as frequently as every 60 minutes, depending on volume.

In addition, to add an extra layer of security, liquidity is locked for a minimum of 1 year. The contract also works to discourage whale market manipulation with a 1% max transaction and wallet limit.

Who is Passive Token?

The UK and USA based developers of the project bring a wealth of knowledge from various other cryptocurrency endeavours. They have many years experience working within the cryptocurrency space and are well trusted across the industry.

Passive Token itself was born from a melting pot of cultural influences. The Max supply being 888,888 is an example of this. Both eastern and western cultures attribute great value and good fortune to the number 8, and it even features in science as the atomic number of Oxygen, the gas essential to life.

In Chinese numerology, the number 8 is a symbol of great fortune. It is considered the luckiest number and this belief often influences people’s decisions. Phone numbers containing the number 8 are highly sought after, as are addresses, wedding dates and birthdays. The number also holds significance in hinduism, where it is seen as a symbol of wealth and abundance.

In Western culture, the number 8 is a symbol of hope, new beginnings and a bright future. These are all key aspects of the Passive Token ethos. The mission is simple: make passive income accessible, so holders have more time to do what they love instead of worrying about their finances.

Join the Passive Family

Passive Token is available on PancakeSwap and Coinsbit CEX. Make sure to join in the conversation across the project’s social media platforms. Find $PASSIVE on Twitter and Telegram, and check out the website here.




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