There is no shortage of people who want to see Bitcoin fail. In a way, this should not come as a big surprise to anyone active in the world of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has successfully proven hundreds of people wrong over the years. It is only evident the current ongoing issues are a source of entertainment for those pitiful individuals. Paul Krugman is pretty excited about Bitcoin’s struggle, although it may not lead to a sudden demise, the issues do need to be resolved.

Bitcoin users are not happy about the current situation. Nor should they be, as these problems have been well-documented for quite some time now. High fees, slow transactions, and a fractured community are very disconcerting. Most people who got into cryptocurrency years ago knew such problems would arise at some point. When the developers failed to convince the community to upgrade en masse, our worst fears come to pass. Paul Krugman, on the other hand, is more than pleased with how things are going.

Bitcoin Brings joy to Paul Krugman

More specifically, Paul Krugman is a renowned economist and a contributor to the mainstream media. In a sense, it is only normal he of all people wants to see cryptocurrency die. Unfortunately for Krugman, things will not head in that direction anytime soon. Gloating over the issues found in Bitcoin serves no real purpose. In fact, it is a mere display of a childish attitude rather than anything else.

The public comments made by Paul Krugman are lapped up by others who dislike Bitcoin. Economists all over the world struggle with the concept of cryptocurrency. Mainly because they can’t control or influence it in any official capacity right now. There’s nothing wrong with hating Bitcoin, but there’s no reason to maintain a high school attitude about it either. At the same time, it may finally get the message across as to how Bitcoin needs help very badly. It is evident these problems will not solve themselves whatsoever.

Whether or not Paul Krugman should be a source of relevancy, is up for debate. His track record of ridiculous predictions and assessments speaks volumes. He is in the camp of people who firmly believe Bitcoin has no real value. Moreover, he thinks of cryptocurrency as a libertarian tool first and foremost. Interesting opinions by an economist, but nothing out of the ordinary either. The real problem is how Bitcoin keeps getting worse and worse. Unfortunately, no one is doing much about it right now, even though SegWit has been made the code public quite some time ago.

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