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Pawtocol Permits Crypto Donations for New Pet Fund


Pawtocol – a blockchain platform designed to improve the lives of both pets and their owners – announced the establishment of what’s known as Pawtocol Pet Fund, the first blockchain-powered fund built to assist animal rescues and shelters.

Pawtocol Establishes Crypto Pet Fund

The company says that 100 percent of all cryptocurrency donations it receives will be provided directly to animals in need, along with the shelters providing them with food and provisions. Colin Jordan – CEO of Pawtocol – explained in an interview:

Our team is incredibly excited about the launch of the Pawtocol Pet Fund as it is the first of many blockchain-powered solutions that we are developing to fulfill our vision of creating better lives for pets and pet owners worldwide. By leveraging blockchain technology, we can create full transparency around the funds we raise – who the funds go to, when the funds go there, and how much is going. Now, when people support Pawtocol they can be confident about where their hard-earned money is going and see the positive impact it has on rescues and shelters all over the world.

Heidi Leyva – development director at Almost There Rescue – explained that the fund is going to help her team garner the supplies and items needed to take care of all the animals that have been placed within their confines. She expressed her enthusiasm for the fund by stating:

As a nonprofit rescue, we rely on donations to continue our lifesaving work. As an unprecedented $30+ trillion wealth transfer from baby boomers to millennials occurs, the importance of accepting crypto gifts is becoming more apparent. Thanks to Pawtocol, we will soon be able to accept such donations, as well as benefit from Pawtocol’s community and philanthropic giving.

Wendy Kirsner – president of Dawgz, Tailz, & Wagz, another non-profit pet organization – also threw her two cents into the mix, claiming:

Dawgz, Tailz & Wagz is thrilled to partner with Pawtocol because of the new opportunities they will create for us and the support they will give us in accomplishing our goal to rescue more pets. We are excited to start accepting donations in the form of cryptocurrency and be one of the pioneers in our industry, which will hopefully open us up to a whole new generation of generous benefactors that will join us in our fight to lower the homeless pet population.

In the Name of Helping Animals

Lastly. Marlina Cotter – animal rescue coordinator at Pawtocol – said:

While Pawtocol takes great pride in donating resources to the pet community, it is even more important for us to educate animal rescues and shelters about the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Through this education we will help rescues and shelters unlock a whole new world of possibilities for them to create stronger connections with their community, facilitate growth, and ultimately broaden the impact they can make.


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