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People Are Earning Their Favorite Cryptos with $WAG Staking on WagyuSwap


Earning in crypto is taking a new turn. Crypto investors can now get returns by staking their currencies through different staking platforms and finding varying levels of APY, dependant on their risk tolerance.

Typical examples of crypto saving accounts with rewarding APY of 8.88% and 7.2% are USDC and BTC offered on Celsius and CoinLoan platforms. Accordingly, Midas Investments currently provides 17% APY for any investors with BTC savings account on their platform.

The newest arrival is the incredible steak introduced by WagyuSwap, allowing investors to stake SWAG in exchange for high-performing cryptocurrencies in the digital space. It’s a system where traders provide liquidity to the platform and earn trading fees in return, with mouth-watering interest rates for their effort.

Understanding Staking On WagyuSwap

Being the first of its kind, WagyuSwap is a decentralized exchange on Velas’ blockchain offering a swift transaction authorization for low-priced token swaps. The swiftness of this automated market maker is possible with the aid of the EVM compatibility blockchain, bridging tokens over several networks. This development offers WagyuSwap the chance to rule the Velas network based on superior technical performance.

As an automated market maker, WagyuSwap allows investors to stake using the native VEP-20 WAG token, with a guarantee of earning LP tokens. Their earnings will be available for further staking to increase their rewards. With that in place, it becomes possible to earn flexible returns seamlessly by choosing either manual or automatic compounding pools.

$SCAR, the native token of the Velhalla ecosystem, is the first coin to be earned on the Great Steak, and the market is buzzing about being able to earn it just by staking $WAG. Following the launch of $SCAR on the big steak, users can look forward to earning coins like BitOrbit, Valhalla, VelasPad, TRONPad, and BSCPad. The Velas ecosystem is promising, given its high returns on virtual currencies, which makes it an investment option with higher potential.

With supportive features and being the fastest on-chain TPS, 40+ projects have launched on Velas this year, with many people gaining a lot during this period. More importantly, Velas comes in strong with an initial announcement of a $5 million grant program, which has grown enormously and now stands at $100 million.

Another objective sought to achieve by this program is an expansion of Velas’ capabilities within Web.3.0, making it one of the most promising blockchains of the coming year.


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