Not long ago, Live Bitcoin News reported that the top U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase put out a notice saying that it was revamping its employment techniques and strategies.

Are People Not Happy with Coinbase?

In a blog post, CEO Brian Armstrong mentioned to readers that the company would not be openly supporting social activism or political causes, claiming that there was a time and a place for these sorts of things. Instead, the company was going to focus on putting out the best products it could and on making the work environment as comfortable as possible for everyone there. In other words, it was going to do what most companies around the world are and should be doing.

While some believed that the post was a push in a more responsible direction, some appeared to take offense with the post, claiming that Coinbase was working towards the suppression of employee voices and that political discussions were not permitted within the company’s walls. Some believed that Coinbase was working towards censorship and took issue with its newfound attitude.

In response, Armstrong is defending his company’s latest protocols, claiming:

I recognize that our approach is not for everyone and may be controversial. I know that many people may not agree, and some employees may resign. I also know that some of what I’ve written above will be misinterpreted, whether accidentally or on purpose, but I believe it’s the right approach for Coinbase that will set us up for success in the long term, and I would rather be honest and transparent about that than equivocate and work in a company that is not aligned.

To assist all those who are no longer comfortable working in Coinbase’s new environment, Armstrong has offered a general severance package to those who are now eager to leave. The packages include four months of additional pay and extensions on their health insurance benefits.

Still, some are not pleased with this newfound approach, and have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their disdain for the top crypto trading company in the western hemisphere. Aaron White – CTO of software management firm Blissfully – appeared particularly critical, explaining in a recent message:

Brian’s Coinbase statement strikes me as isolationist fantasy. Of course, there is a balance between business building and juggling all the various concerns of the rest of the world, but if you have people, you have politics.

This Is Not Realistic…

His message implies that people will always be talking about the current political space, and that trying to prevent them from doing so is nearly impossible. He later added:

Basically, by taking your business, a group of people with real world concerns, and purposefully disengaging your organization from the non-business world… you are effectively guaranteeing you’ll land on the wrong side of history for absolutely every issue.

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