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Phaeton Announce the Date for its Coin Listing Across Five (5) Exchanges


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PHAE Coin, the governing coin of the Phaeton Blockchain, will be listed on five (5) exchanges on 16th December 2021. These exchanges include Lbank, AAX, Latoken, P2PB2B and XT.com. It will mark the entry of Phaeton into the mainstream trading arena of cryptocurrencies.

Phaeton is the first blockchain platform that is powered by hundred-per cent renewable energy. Their renewable energy sources include solar, wind, hydrogen, and geothermal. In its roll-out strategy, Phaeton has created strategic partnerships and alliances in its renewable energy projects. Phaeton’s management promises to put people before profit and bring benefits to communities in need.

Speaking about the forthcoming listing, Phaeton’s Chief Executive Officer, Ron Forlee, said that the company is committed to a positive social impact business that values people’s needs but it is also essential to remain profitable and sustainable as a business.

“We are conscious of the environment where communities live. We aim to create solutions that will improve people’s living standards, reduce carbon emissions, and give our shareholders and coinholders the potential to maximize their returns. How are we doing this? We have built an energy-efficient Blockchain platform that runs a hundred per cent renewable energy. With our Sidechain function connected to the mother chain, individual blockchains can make multiple transactions. These Sidechains consume less energy while increasing the transaction speed of the blockchain,” he said.

The launch will see the people experience the power of change that the PHAE coins promised. According to Phaeton’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Chai Shepherd, the listing of the PHAE Coins on these five exchanges is only a beginning. The company aims to list the PHAE on multiple platforms for global access. Speaking ahead of the launch, the CTO described the listing as ‘groundbreaking, revolutionary, and to showcase renewable energy’s usability in driving cryptocurrencies.’

The listing is taking place on 16th December 2021. It will finally allow the anxious enthusiasts of the Phaeton community to own and trade the PHAE coins. The value-backed token has applications in real estate, data centers, identity management systems, carbon credit trading and staking nodes. It is expected that  PHAE Coins will have a meteoric and progressive rise as its value is backed by its solid assets and projects. In addition the value growth will be driven by the volume of the token transaction on multiple exchanges.

The Phaeton Blockchain platform uses the Delegated Proof of Stake and Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus algorithm to facilitate a safer, faster, and more secure energy-efficient network. Furthermore, through its Sidechain functionality, Phaeton allows other businesses or companies to build their operation on the Phaeton Blockchain platform without conflicting with the core Blockchain application.

Describing its processes as efficient, secure, and transparent, Phaeton continues to break new grounds in cryptocurrency by introducing its green-powered blockchain. The company has defined its goals as people-centric and eco-friendly while aiming to benefit communities in need. With the solutions already under construction, Phaeton has set about achieving its objectives in a calm and collected manner. The listing of the PHAE Coin across these five (5) exchanges signifies the beginning of perpetual growth that will see the company deliver continuous and improved benefits to communities.

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