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Picassol’s NFT “Elon Musk, Paris Hilton $250 Million” Anyone Can Mint Soon in December 2021


A Billionaire “Elon Musk’s tweet implying “Who else is waiting? PicasSOL Auction” After Elon removing it very shortly, It was seen by enough people to bring attention to media that “Paris Hilton” was also involved called “PICASSOL”

Before a “Elon Musk’s tweet” was recently made, the Picassol project and the identity of its more than 6000 VIP buyers have remained private.

The 6000+ VIP buyers included – crypto-enthusiasts high millionaires, world-famous billionaires, CEOs of multinational corporations, and countless celebrities.

Some celebrities confirmed to media that were linked to Picassol include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Daniel Radcliffe, Elon Musk, and Paris Hilton.

Many of these rich and famous VIP buyers have made suggestive comments that point to the Picassol project on their social media pages, radio channels, and during live stream events.

Most shocking is that aside from Paris Hilton and Elon Musk, most of these VIPs are very secretive and have rarely had any connection to cryptocurrencies or blockchain-based projects.

The Picassol project’s Mint Date” is scheduled for sometime in December 2021. Mint fees will be about $50 and payments will be made in SOL. (Solana).

However, as this project is at its “Earliest Stage Right Now”, they are giving away “Free Mints” for “Being Online on Discord – At Random Times”.

Picassol is extremely bigger than MekaVerse.” Said an famous NFT investor

You think MekaVerse was big? It’s 100 times bigger than MekaVerse. Picassol NFT was prepared since famous, kept hidden in purpose for VIPs until Elon Musk tweet pumped it… If you’re lucky to mint in December, each NFT can easily be sold for $5 Million USD…” Stated by a known NFT influencer

Every minter (If they can even mint at all in December, due to sell out time is expected to be within 1.5 seconds…), will most likely to sell their NFTs for average of “$4 Million to $6 Million US dollars”.

It will be very easy to sell in those numbers as VIPs are eagerly waiting for this auction, and Picasool will provide many tips on how to sell it for that amount.

It has been confirmed that 19000 already minted NFTs will be sold out for sure by the second private auction for average $5 million for each NFT.

The experts are saying “On the first auction, all of the already minted NFTs in December 2021, will get sold for average several million each.”

“The volume is too big, that’s why Picassol Auction was private… Also it took them about a year to make this system” other known NFT experts added.

When every minter in December 2021 just follow their tip, it will all get to sell their minted NFT for average $5 million each.

This means, any NFT minters or holders will earn minimum 5 digits, average $5 Million US dollars and up to $20 Million, $40 Million even $90 Million US dollars for a “Single Picassol NFT that is already minted”

Some lucky NFT minters or holders will sell it for their almost “Maximum price of $90 Million Dollars for a Single NFT…”

Currently, they have many events going on and slowly each one will disappear… Right now seems to be the easiest time to get a free NFT, as when you are trying to mint, it will be impossible to get it within 1.5 seconds of expected sell out time (even though 19000 are being minted)

Also it is “Funny to See 6000+ VIPs Burner Discord Accounts” that they already joined, “Only” to use for the monthly private auction dates. You can almost tell sometimes, who might be the celebrities that have not been exposed yet.

Investors can find the most detailed information about the Private Auction on their Discord channel. Also, during an interview, they mentioned their non-ending event “At random time, whoever is online will win a free NFT”.

Join Picassol’s Discord & follow their Twitter to stand a chance to win a free NFT (for just being online) that are “Easily Sold for $5 Million Dollars and possibly up to $90 Million Dollars for a Single NFT…”  Here are their official links: picassol.io

A reminder about their one of many events: “Randomly giving any online Discord member”. It’s not a bad idea to just join their Discord as one day, you might just wake up with $5 Million or maybe $90 Million Dollar NFT

Website: picassol.io

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