Do you want to introduce your kids to the blockchain technology? Are you looking for a fun way that can teach them how the bitcoin ecosystem works? PiggyCoin (PIGGY) is the best way to prepare children for the new blockchain era that will definitely shape the world’s economy within the next few years. PiggyCoin targets children and teenagers who are presently living within the internet’s attraction zone.

PiggyCoin’s website is developed particularly for children who can download and use the PiggyCoin application for free. The site is aimed at teaching children how the cryptocurrency ecosystem “ticks” via an enjoyable format. PiggyCoin can be accessed via an internet browser, an android application and a desktop wallet client. Afterwards, the user will be assigned a PiggyCoin address that he/she can share with friends, and then transactions can be sent and received at once.

Children can also mine, or search for, PiggyCoins via playing a myriad of educational games. Even more, parents can reward their kids with additional PiggyCoins, e.g. if they had done their homework, or completed certain household tasks….etc. Via the PiggyTeach initiative, the coin’s website combines learning with fun, so children will not only gain knowledge, but also earn some crypto by playing games on PiggyCoin’s website.

Interestingly enough, PiggyCoin’s network scalability is way better than that of bitcoin’s as PiggyCoin’s transactions are ten times faster than bitcoin’s. There are currently 484 million PiggyCoins on the network.

PiggyCoin also witnessed some good price gains during the past few weeks similarly to many cryptocurrencies. PiggyCoin’s price rose from around 8 satoshis, in the beginning of March,  to 14 satoshis at the time of writing of this article, which represents around 75% rise in less than 3 months. According to, PiggyCoin’s market capital is currently valued by around 64.4 BTC  with 484 million coins in circulation. As per the data from, PiggyCoin’s market capital is ranked 442 of around 700 cryptocurrencies present today. PiggyCoin is not very popular and it is only available for trading on a handful of exchanges including Cryptopia, Novaexchange, CoinExchange, POSWallet and Trade Satoshi.




PiggyCoin is an altcoin that was launched to help children understand the world of cryptocurrencies. It allows children to learn how blockchain based transactions work in a fun, enjoyable way. Even though its market capital is rather small, less than 65 BTC, PiggyCoin recorded around 75% gains during the past 3 months, as it rose from around 8 satoshis in March, to 14 satoshis today.


Chart from Cryptopia

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