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Placing Bets in Bitcoin, An Interview with Gambla.com’s Founder Erik King


As Bitcoin continues to create new all-time highs, we caught up with Erik King, the founder of popular gambling guide Gambla.com to discuss the prevailing trends in online gambling. We asked King a few questions and this is what he had to say:

Q: Let us start with the basics, what is Gambla?
Erik King (EK): Gambla is a great New Zealand casino guide where you can find great new casinos with or without cryptocurrencies as deposit options.

Q:  What made you start Gambla and how long have you been involved with Gambla?
EK: Gambla was made as an effort to involve more charity into the world of gambling. Now, players have the option to plant a tree every time they want to try a new casino online. I have been involved in Gambla since our start in 2019.

Q: According to you, what makes a good online gambling platform?
EK: A good gambling platform is made by putting easiness of deposits aligned with great games and fast withdrawal options. Those factors are way better than any design. You should know that free spins, no deposit and free casino bonuses on new online casinos will still be eligible on Gambla even with crypto casinos.

Q: What are the factors one needs to consider while choosing the right platform?
EK: They should consider what is important to them, like if crypto deposits are your thing, then maybe go for a crypto-friendly online casino.

Q: How has the gambling industry evolved since the introduction of Bitcoin?
EK: It has evolved a lot and most likely is going to continue like that. Crypto offers a lot more ease of use for both operators and players and makes all countries in the world enabled to play online.

Q: Please share your views about placing bets with bitcoin over fiat currencies?
EK: It is freer and it is not bound to the same extent to regulations which makes it great for unregulated markets as players and operators can have more freedom.

Q: How the traditional online crypto platforms differ from crypto casinos?
EK: The main difference is the purpose of the platform, traditional platforms are meant for exchanging crypto while casino platforms are made to gamble on.

Q: What are the best Bitcoin casinos currently available in the market?
EK: I would say, Playamo and 7bit casino are some of the best options out there.

Q: Nowadays a new breed of online gambling platforms has emerged – decentralized gambling apps, or blockchain-based gambling platforms. What are your views on them?
EK: I think it’s the natural step going forward for gambling operators in the crypto market, making their products as good as possible for users.

Q: We have also heard of the Gambla Green Gambling project. Can you please elaborate on that?
EK: Yes, the green gambling project is an effort to plant a tree for every new depositor that comes through to a new casino via Gambla.com

Q: What can we expect from Gambla in the near future?
EK: You can expect that Gambla is coming available in a lot more markets.


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