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Platform Seeks to Bring E-sport Tournaments to all Players


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Eloplay is a platform that seeks to allow its players to organize and hold tournaments on the blockchain platform. These decentralized smart tournaments make it easier for the organizers and players from across the world to organized and participate in them.

Think of a fan out there who loves to play e-sports and would like to get into a competitive game with other players across the world. The player would also like to win prizes as they engage in their favorite games. However, the player may not be part of a professional team of e-sport players. For this reason, he has little chance to take part in a tournament, what Eloplay does is that it creates a central environment that will allow players who are nonprofessional to compete in a tournament.

The platform seeks to be a uniting factor not only for players and brands, but also for the board viewers of the sports. On EloPlay, players can organize themselves and create their own prize pools from which they can compete. Alternatively, an organizer or a brand may also create a prize pool and have the gamers compete for it in a tournament. From this, the players have the chance to take part in competitive sports just like their professional counterparts. The platforms aims to bring on board professional players into its tournaments in the near future.

This is a splendid platform that seeks to raise funds through an ICO. The site is seeking investors who will buy tokens. The token holders can use these token in multiple ways. One way they can use the tokens is to organize tournaments within the platform using these tokens. Secondly, the holders can place advertisements within the platform using these tokens. This is an ideal way for brands to position themselves and sell themselves to their target audience (the e-sport industry is estimated to have close to 400 million fans). Finally, the token holders can go ahead and sell their tokens on listed cryptocurrency exchanges (the tokens will be listed in all the major exchanges).

EloPlay has been in existence for a while.

The platform has been in existence for close to two years now. It has over 90,000 users and has paid over USD 10,000 as rewards within its tournaments. The platform has also completed over 3500 tournaments since its inception. This goes to show that the team behind this are headed in the right direction and this is one token sale an investor shouldn’t miss.

The token sale is set to start at 12:00 PM London time on 16th October 2017.It is set to end on 15th November 2017 at exactly 12:00 PM London time. There will be bonuses offered to early investors. During the first hour of crowdsale, the platform will assign a 20% bonus followed by gradual reduction in the discounts over time.

On the first week, there will also be a bonus of 10%, while on the second week the investors will be given a bonus of 5%. The total amount that the ICO seeks to raise is USD 12 Million. The rate of exchange will be 1 ETH equals 10,000 ELT.


More information about the plat platform and the ICO will be available on the company’s website.


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