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PlayZap: The P2E Revolution has Begun


With the great changes that occurred in the DeFi world in 2021 and 2022, a new BTC ATH and with the mainstream adoption of non-standard crypto assets, the biggest revolution wasn’t even one that strictly happened in the blockchain tech niche.

Bigger than NFTs, bigger than the Meta, the P2E revolution as an idea is the most profound subversion of practice we have seen yet.

When before gaming appealed in many different ways, but economically speaking was a career only viable to the truly masterful players of a few selected ecosystems, it has now started to become an approachable way to profit from, for a much wider audience.

We have seen this with the Venezuela situation with Axie, and we will be seeing many more gems come to life, but as always, mediocrity has already started to run rampant.

And that’s where PlayZap comes in: to shape another revolution in this great period of changes.

PlayZap aims to create a high-quality, high tech ecosystem in which creators and players are both taken care of to the utmost, while being able to directly contact each other, interact and benefit from the lack of a publisher giving hard directions, unreasonable deadlines and cutting into the devs profits, while preying on the players with the malpractices we are all aware of.

Such a feat is not easily achieved, but the PlayZap ecosystem goes above and beyond to ensure that all the bases for this process are covered, by weaving the most comprehensive support system ever seen around their core.

With multiple products targeted to ensure the best possible experience for its userbase, like their wallet, the Zapverse, the various technological solutions aimed to ensure fairness in the ecosystem itself, and with the same level of protection granted to the devs with their unique partner program, PlayZap answer to the plethora of projects rapidly popping up in the space with careful preparations and high-quality integrations.

P2E has already shown to the world its potential, and PlayZap is ready to take this potential and polish it, bringing blockchain gaming up to the standards of the mainstream market, and starting to break the hold that great publisher houses have on this ecosphere.

PlayZap aims to lead from the front of this revolution, showing that quality it’s necessary to truly succeed in changing things from the ground up and that with the improvements achieved in the crypto scene it is time to connect with the mainstream market to achieve a more capillary adoption of this wonderful technology.


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