Cryptocurrency is a rather interesting creature for many different reasons. It seems younger people generally take a liking to this form of money. This is especially true in Romania, where Bitcoin and top altcoins are absolutely thriving right now. This is mainly due to the country’s growing freelancer community.

Whether or not we will ever see major cryptocurrency adoption in Romania, remains unclear. A recent poll conducted by iSense Solutions, it seems this new form of money is growing in popularity. More specifically, over half of the Romanians know what cryptocurrencies are. That in itself is rather surprising already. In most other countries, that percentage would probably be a lot lower. It is uncanny how many people remain blissfully unaware of cryptocurrencies right now.

Romania Prepares for Cryptocurrency Rush

The poll also shows some other interest results. Nearly half of the respondents would feel comfortable making payments in Bitcoin or a top altcoin. That in itself is rather surprisingly high. Making a payment will only be possible if store owners are willing to accept it, though. For now, cryptocurrency is not exactly popular in the e-commerce and brick-and-mortar store industry. That situation may change in the future, though.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all comes in the form of how consumers look at cryptocurrency. Almost one in three seems convinced this will become the new form of payment in Romania. While that vision may not necessarily come true, it is rather interesting to take note of. Romania may very well be a country where cryptocurrencies thrive in this regard.

For the time being, we have to wait and see the situation evolves. While it is true cryptocurrency will play a big role in the future of commerce, how popular it will be exactly, remains to be determined. For the time being, Romania is certainly a region worth keeping an eye on. It could easily become one of the bigger cryptocurrency hubs in the future. A very interesting poll, although one to be taken with a grain of salt.

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