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Poly Network Offers Its Recent Hacker a Job with the Company


Not long ago, Live Bitcoin News reported a story that the Poly Network had been hacked. The organization lost more than $610 million in digital funds at the hands of a hacker who claimed in a future Q&A session that he was only doing it “for fun.”

The Poly Network May Employ Its Hacker

In a strange twist, the hacker ultimately returned more than half of the stolen money, saying that he was never about the riches but rather that he was interested in taking advantage of an obvious flaw in the company’s infrastructure. Since then, the hacker and the company appear to be on “good terms” in many ways, as the Poly Network is now offering the individual a job with the enterprise, as well as a $500,000 bonus if he agrees to return the rest of the stolen funds.

Incidents like these are not uncommon. Typically known as white hat hackers, there are some individuals out there that have the technical knowledge to perform malicious feats but instead utilize their skills to aid companies. They point out bugs, security flaws, and anything else that could lead to these companies potentially being compromised in the future.

While the initial hacker of the Poly Network did not appear to fall into this category at first, the fact that more than half of the money was immediately returned is a positive sign. In addition, the hacker has stated that he performed the action as a means of showing the network where a potential problem existed, and this was their chance to do something about it. Stealing $600 million seems like a dramatic way of proving this, though it looks like the Poly Network has gotten the message and wants to use this man’s knowledge to ensure they are safe and secure from here on out.

The organization is asking the man to serve as their chief security advisor. They are offering him a reward of half a million dollars should he agree to step on board and to return the rest of the stolen money. At the time of writing, it appears the hacker has rejected the $500,000 bonus he is being offered and is instead claiming he will donate it to various technical enterprises.

Still Waiting on Funds to Come Back

The company announced on Twitter:

Poly Network has no intention of holding Mr. White Hat legally responsible and cordially invites him to be our chief security advisor. A $500,000 bounty is on the way. Whatever Mr. White Hat chooses to do with the bounty in the end, we have no objections.

Thus far, the company is still waiting for about $233 million in digital currency to be returned. About $200 million is locked in a password-encrypted account, while the remaining $33 million consists of frozen Tether tokens.


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