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Press Release: Bitplay Club Has Announced the Launch of Its 5-36 Blockchain-Based Lottery


Bitplay Club has announced the launch of its 5-36 Provably Fair Bitcoin Lottery, a new product in its blockchain-based portfolio.

Bitplay Club’s new 5-36 version of its 100% provably fair lottery continues with many of the features of the previous 6-45 version. The distinguishing feature is, as before, reliance of the blockchain protocol in drawing the winning numbers. The winning numbers are determined based on a publicly disclosed formula (posted on the lottery website), and the hashes of recently found blocks on the blockchain. The website provides sufficient information so that anyone could check and see that the lottery drawing outcome is indeed random and therefore fair.

Despite the complex underlying concept, the lottery service strives to make users’ experience with the website, and with online gambling at large, as comfortable as possible. This is clearly visible from its structuring of prize payments and ticket pricing.

Prize payments are fixed in BTC for all winning number combinations except the jackpot. The jackpot for the 5-36 lottery starts at 0.2 BTC, and will grow in next draws until hit. The jackpot of the 6-45 lottery launched in December, 2018, is drawing close to 5 BTC.

Ticket prices are low enough to encourage wide participation. With prices as low as 0.00005 BTC for the 5-36 ticket, and 0.0001 for its 6-45 counterpart, the game actually becomes accessible for everyone. Experienced users may feel inclined to design their own gaming strategies, or select from among the options provided on the website like system game, random, frequent or rare numbers etc.

The company recognizes that changes of the online gaming landscape are inevitable. These changes will be shaped by customer attitudes as much as by the technology advancement. Therefore, companies operating in this market should be aware of both the new technology trends, and the fleeting dynamics of customer preferences.

From this perspective, Bitplay Club has launched a customer survey on its website. The survey’s findings will be used in designing future products and user interfaces.

Some updates, however, have been implemented. The service now allows ticket payments to be made in all major altcoins, along with the earlier available BTC option. The initial English language version of the website has been supplemented with its Russian localization.

The company expects that both its 5-36 and 6-45 lotteries will gain popularity with the public thanks to their provable fairness, clear drawing process, low ticket price, fixed and hassle-free prize payments.

Bitplay Club Lottery options 5-36 and 6-45 are accessible on desktop and mobile platforms. The 5-36 option has gone online on March 12, 2018.

The 6-45 option has been available since December 8, 2017, and there have been 95 daily draws since then.

About Bitplay Club

Bitplay Club, a nascent online game operator, was created by a group of blockchain champions and developers who intend to provide various game options to the general public, marketing them as 100% provably fair. The company strives to empower its customers by resolving the long standing issues of trustworthiness and transparency. The greater mission of the company is promotion of the blockchain concept, bringing knowledge and benefits of the blockchain to its clients.

For more information please visit https://bitplay.club/


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