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Prevent Theft of Your Bitcoins Using Bitcoin Mixer


Initially, the design of the cryptocurrency does not imply the identity disclosure of the owners cryptocurrency wallets, but scammers are constantly looking for ways to steal or otherwise take hold of your money. The growing popularity of crypto is causing increased interest not only among ordinary users, but it also attracts like a magnet hackers, thieves and other criminals who want to steal your digital currency or control you through your finances.

The peculiarity of cryptocurrencies is such that in order for each user to be able to verify the authenticity of coins, all transactions in the system must be accessible to anyone. This state of affairs makes tracking Bitcoins possible. Bitcoin mixer allows you to make your Bitcoin addresses safe, as well as protect your personal data from using it against your will.

To steal your data and your crypto, attackers use Bitcoin analysis, which is possible with the help of spyware. Every year, hundreds of thousands of crypto holders lose their Bitcoins in the millions of dollars. Every cryptocurrency user risks being robbed due to the ability to track transactions.

Many users consider Bitcoin anonymity only necessary for those who hide something or perform their criminal operations, like buy weapons, drugs and other illegal things, but such people have always found ways to hide, unlike ordinary law-abiding people. In fact, ordinary people suffer from leakage of personal information and from the identification of their persons on the network. Using special software, hackers analyzing transactions on the blockchain, hackers can determine the linking of Bitcoin wallets to email and thereby identify you.

It is important to prevent the Bitcoin analysis using a Bitcoin mixer, because after they gained access to your email, scammers as well gain access to your Bitcoin wallet and can steal all your digital coins.

Do not give any chance to attackers by using BitMix.Biz

Using Clearnet, Tor and NoJS without JavaScript, go to the BitMix.Biz website and following all usual precautions, enter the wallet address to which mixed crypto coins should come. Select your preferred mixing settings and deposit on BitMix.Biz from 0.005 BTC or 0.015 LTC to get the highest level of Bitcoin anonymity.

If you want to use the highest level of randomization BitMix.Biz, thereby protecting your cryptocurrency and data from intrusions of third parties, deposit cryptocurrency worth more than 0.1 BTC or 1 LTC to clear it. This will allow you to receive several incoming transactions to the final destination address you specify and many times increase your Bitcoin anonymity.

BitMix.Biz will provide you with fast mixing, as this Bitcoin mixer uses pre-prepared crypto coins. During the clearing process, your transactions are divided into smaller ones and mixed with other people’s crypto transactions, passing through many addresses specially created for this purpose. Thanks to this, the process of mixing your coins begins as soon as you click the “Start Mixing” button. You do not need to wait until the confirmation of all dozens of transactions involved in the process occurs.

The increased Bitcoin anonymity is also provided by manual or automatic change in the percentage of commission for mixing coins. So you will not give scammers the opportunity to determine the amount of transfer to another address. You can choose the percentage of commission by yourself between 0.4% and 4% of the mixing amount.

You can be sure that your data cannot be used by scammers, because such a digital money transfer cannot be tracked for several days, while the information about each transaction is stored for no more than three days in encrypted form until it is confirmed if you don’t remove it earlier by yourself.

Choose one of the 10 languages that is most convenient for you, invite other users to use the BitMix.Biz Bitcoin mixer and earn money on it. If you have your own commercial site, use our API code on it and increase the loyalty of your customers by providing them with secure payments on your service.

How to use BitMix.Biz:


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