Bear markets have severe consequences for financial markets while on the other hand; they present shrewd traders different types of opportunities for making profit. This is mostly true for cryptocurrency trading, as volatility can see prices spike tenfold or more in short periods and vice versa.


Prime XBT is an upcoming cryptocurrency trading platform that enables traders profit by providing them with the necessary trading tools and environment to succeed. They have also introduced margin trading to the cryptocurrency market where cryptocurrency traders can benefit from long and short trading positions with leverage up to 100x of their account balance. With other features like stop loss order limits and the ability to hedge existing positions, traders have better odds to make profit.

There are different ways of benefiting from using Prime XBT for trading cryptocurrency market bear bear periods:

  1. High liquidity on Prime XBT: Poor liquidity on existing cryptocurrency trading platforms is a recurrent issue for traders and one that impacts trading cryptocurrency negatively. For a new cryptocurrency trading platform, Prime XBT is excellent for high liquidity. This cuts across board for popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Stellar Lumens (XLM), etc. And is the same for unpopular and obscure coins.

Prime XBT users don’t have to wait long periods to get orders filled due to high amounts of liquidity the platform provides. When cryptocurrency prices drop, and traders want to sell quickly to avoid further depreciation, Prime XBT increases their chances twelve fold. This is achieved by aggregating liquidity from 12 cryptocurrency exchanges, providing traders with instant order execution at any volume.

2. Prudently use Prime XBT margin account: This is a good example of how to profit from market ups and downs when using Prime XBT. A lot of traders are not aware of margin trading and how to use it to earn more profit while trading cryptocurrency. With a Prime XBT margin account, you can borrow funds from Prime XBT, up to one hundred times your available balance to buy and sell any cryptocurrency of your choice. These loans are given to traders depending on how much funds they deposit-collateral margin.

Using margin trading prudently is a great way of making profit during cryptocurrency market bears. However, there are risks associated with it, hence, you must be knowledgeable and patient to be successful. In bear markets, shrewd traders analyze  cryptocurrency prices to determine under-priced assets. And traders without sufficient funds to take advantage of these price dips only have to open an account with Prime XBT, deposit what they can afford to, and receive 100x leverage to trade with.

How to qualify for a margin account on Prime XBT:

  • Make sure you understand how margin accounts and trading work, including all the risks associated with margin trading.
  • Sign up with Prime XBT and make a deposit, and your account will automatically receive 100x leverage of your deposit.
  • You can start trading immediately your deposit clears. There are no extra checks or know- your-customer (KYC) stopping you from using your Prime XBT margin account.
  • You can also trade anonymously if you wish to, and still receive the full benefits of having a Prime XBT account.

3. Try short selling underperforming cryptocurrencies: Short selling cryptocurrency is a strategy for when you expect a cryptocurrency price will fall. Bear markets are generally tough on cryptocurrencies that perform well, and are brutal on underperforming and obscure coins. Under these circumstances, shrewd traders that are well versed on how to perform short sell trades make profit from short selling underperforming cryptocurrencies.

It is worth noting that short selling is risky, and not everyone is adept at it. You must learn and understand the process fully, including its risk to reward ratio before using it. Nonetheless, Prime XBT provide traders 100x leverage solutions for long and short cryptocurrency trading which means that you can profit when the cryptocurrency market falls by short selling.

4. Buy popular cryptocurrencies during price dips: In bear markets, prices of both popular and unpopular cryptocurrencies depreciate. However, the difference between popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (Eth) and Bitcoin (BTC) when compared to the less popular cryptocurrencies, is that, popular cryptocurrency prices are more likely to rebound.

As a trader, it is important to note that the best periods for buying cryptocurrency are when prices fall, and during bear markets the dips are huge. These are the only times you will find popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) to buy cheaply.

Buying popular cryptocurrencies at lower prices, and holding long-term positions ensure profit when prices eventually go back up. Prime XBT margin accounts are great for buying popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) in bear market periods. As long as you have some funds in your Prime XBT account, you’re entitled to 100x leverage.


  1. Limitless cryptocurrency trading platform: Prime XBT is a limitless cryptocurrency trading platform. There are no limits to transaction sizes on the platform as liquidity is high for most cryptocurrencies. This is another boost to trading profits during bear market periods as, Prime XBT is probably the only cryptocurrency trading platform that offers traders very high liquidity and limits. This means you can trade, deposit and withdraw high amounts of cryptocurrencies at any given moment.


Aside from profiting during bear market periods, there are many benefits to using Prime XBT as your primary platform for trading cryptocurrency. The Prime XBT team has many years’ experience in building and servicing cryptocurrency exchanges. Their goal is to reduce the obstacles many cryptocurrency traders deal with daily in the industry, and create a pleasant, smooth and profitable trading experience for everyone.

Check out Prime XBT and sign up for the best trading experience in crypto sphere. Early participants will be rewarded in many ways including no fees charged for transactions in the first month. They will also qualify automatically for future Prime XBT promotions that might include higher margin credit.

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