If George Clooney starrer Ocean’s trilogy was set in the digital world, then the plot would probably have been similar to that of Primedice’s experience. One of the leading bitcoin gambling platforms, Primedice has recently revealed that it lost about $1 million in bitcoin last year. The recent blog by “Stunna” on Medium throws light on the hacking incident targeting the platform. According to the author, Primedice’s random number generation (RNG) system was hacked by a gamer, who managed to game the system and got away with a huge bounty.

The incident apparently happened in the month of August last year soon after the platform released the third version Primedice following the end of its closed beta testing phase. The Primedice’s team started seeing unusual activity with two players. Among these two players one used to cash out while other kept on winning the bets. Upon investigation, the company failed to spot any wrong doings on the player’s part and let it continue.

The winner apparently created a new account after a month and used it to place some of the largest bets ever on the platform. All the bets made by this winning player under the name Hufflepuff were over $8000 in bitcoins every seconds. Primedice continued paying as he continued winning until they realized that there was something seriously wrong.

Upon digging deeper the Primedice team found a glitch where Hufflepuff had tricked the system to give out an active decrypted server seed which he could use to match with his client seed and foresee the outcome of each bet. By doing so, he managed to bet wisely, raking in huge winnings. The technical team patched the exploit and demanded Hufflepuff to return his winnings, which was about $1 million by then.

But there was no happy ending for Primedice yet as Hufflepuff decides to create another account had circumvent the patch to con more bitcoins out of the system. He then follows up by sending a sarcastic message, rubbing salt into Primedice’s wounds.

It has been almost a year since the incident and Primedice still continues to search for this mystery hacker. On the brighter side, the company decided to step forward and share the incident with the world so that other gambling sites don’t have to go through the same ordeal again.

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