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Pulse Bomber is a token offering passive income potential on a sustainability-focused crypto mining platform, has incepted the Binance Smart Chain in pursuit of becoming the first migrator to the PulseChain Network. The project is aiming to become a prominent player once the new blockchain goes live, and has announced several releases on their roadmap.

Investors in the crypto space have already recognised the passive income potential that the Pulse Bomber Miner is currently showcasing, and with its foundation set on the Binance Smart Chain it has allowed the team to captivate the audience of the 3rd ranking cryptocurrency. This will drive the focus of establishing a loyal community, and market share before being a first mover to PulseChain.

The road ahead of Pulse Bomber comes with many announced releases including a metaverse game, NFT marketplace, and launchpad – a few of the platforms aimed to go live in the coming months for holders. All $PULSEBOMBER holders will also receive an additional 1:1 airdrop of the PulseChain equivalent when available.

The Pulse Bomber Miner – Passive Income Generator

The mining platform – Pulse Bomber Miner – is a passive income generator described as a mining company, where holders have the option to deposit $PULSEBOMBER tokens in exchange for Miners used to earn passive rewards for the user to either compound or pocket at the owners discretion.

The statistics of the miner are as follows: a daily ROI of 10% or 3,650% APR of which is sustained through user interaction with the platform. A 24-hour window is given to all users of the miner – where rewards have to be either compounded or pocketed in order to keep the contract healthy. If failed to do so, the efficiency of miners will begin to decrease. This system, when followed, is aimed to keep the 10% ROI sustained.

There are no fees associated with compounding rewards back into the mining platform. There is a 5% deposit fee, and a 25% withdrawal fee, with all funds gained from these fees going back into the liquidity pool.

A Unique Buyback and Burning System

Titled Dual Buyback and Burn Protocol – Pulse Bomber features a system that differentiates itself from other projects through its burning of the open market supply. Compared to usual burning of the non-circulating supply, the platform consists of a process where tokens from the circulating supply are removed – transferring value directly to $PULSEBOMBER user holdings.

The buyback is funded by the buying and selling of the native $PULSEBOMBER token, with 10% of buys and 15% of sells going towards the feature, and is executed manually for precise timing.

Announced Releases and the Future

The roadmap released by Pulse Bomber consists of upcoming launches that are both hot topics in the crypto space and are significant contributors to other projects success who are trying to do the same. However, Pulse Bomber are aiming to take their ecosystem to PulseChain, and with the audiences these subjects contain, there are many potential investors the project can capitalize on.

The main releases that have been announced so far include:

  • A Launchpad – for IDO/Presales of new tokens
  • Staking – a secondary passive income generator
  • NFT Marketplace – housing exclusive NFTs for trading, buying, and selling
  • NFT Gaming – a fully-fledged game incorporating NFT usage
  • Metaverse – aimed to be merged with the Pulse Bomber ecosystem

Pulse Bomber have enlisted Coinpresso – an expert crypto marketing agency – to gain assistance in pursuit of making the migration to PulseChain as the first. The agency offers their full-stack digital marketing expertise through cryptocurrency SEO; Web-Development, Content Copywriting, and Social Media Management.

The ecosystem contains a passive income generator, which can be utilized by holders as the releases come to fruition. With the visionary roadmap, and lengthy whitepaper detailing the structure of the project, and their kick-start on the BSC, it is clear Pulse Bomber are motivated in becoming the first to migrate to PulseChain.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PulseBomberTKN
Telegram: https://t.me/PulseBomber

Media Contact:

Andreas Costa
[email protected]


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