Blockchain payment system Puma Pay is joining hands with a company called Total Processing to make it easier for small and mid-sized retailers to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Crypto Payments Are Arriving

This is very similar to the news we recently heard regarding Flexa, and it’s another testament to the growing legitimacy of crypto. More and more companies are seeing digital assets as ways to enhance the financial system as we know it and are thus more willing and able to accept crypto as payment for goods and services.

Puma Pay provides an “open-source, free-of-charge blockchain-based protocol that decentralizes the transaction process.” Total Processing, on the other hand, helps to ease up the complications often experienced with payment processing. The company also works to make all transactions safe and secure, suggesting its partnership with a blockchain company is the right way to go.

Presently, Total Processing is new to crypto, and has the most experiencing processing credit card transactions.

In an official statement, Puma Pay explains:

By building its own ecosystem, including the development of a business console and Puma Pay pride, a marketing hub for all businesses to promote their products, Puma Pay’s solution is striving to become a viable crypto payment system tailored for all businesses and individuals worldwide.

Chief executive officer of Puma Pay Yoav Dror expresses his thoughts on the partnership, explaining:

Our goal is to decentralize traditional financial transactions by developing an innovative solution that takes into consideration the new financial landscape that is currently being remolded through blockchain technology. Puma Pay’s progressive solution to crypto payments has been developed to meet the daily needs of any business globally. Total Processing’s decision to adopt our protocol is an important step towards what we envision as the wider adoption and use of our solution by a growing number of companies.

Managing director of Total Processing Alexander Leigh also had a few words to say about their upcoming work with Puma Pay, stating:

Total Processing has committed to adopting Puma Pay’s crypto payment and billing protocol and enhance its offering by enabling businesses to smoothly accept cryptocurrencies from their clients. This will give us a competitive edge and help us reach a wider customer base.

Boy, This Sounds Familiar

Recently, Live Bitcoin News reported on a company called Flexa, which was partnering with several retailers in the U.S. and abroad to enable a new system that would allow them to accept crypto payments in the future. Among the companies to partner with Flexa include Jamba Juice, Nordstrom and Whole Foods.

As time goes by, cryptocurrencies can adhere more and more to their original goals and designs – to be used as valid forms of payment for those who don’t have access to reasonable cash or credit means.

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