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Purse Platform Receives Big Update


Making bitcoin purchases more convenient can never be a bad thing. Purse, one of the most popular solutions to spend bitcoin, has introduced a lot of new features to make the process of spending bitcoin easier. These new features will be available to all users as of right now, and it is good to see some additional security features being enabled as well.

Massive Purse Update Is Quite Promising

One of the primary updates comes in the form of how Purse users can now revoke access from devices accessing one’s account. Although it is convenient to spend Bitcoin on Amazon through many different devices, it also creates a security risk. Giving users more control over their account and the funds in their wallet is always a good thing.

The Buy Now feature has received a massive overhaul as well. As of right now, there are more item variations for items within the same window. Previously, users could only see one type of variation at a time, which made the process a bit cumbersome. This change is especially awesome when looking for clothes or items that come in different colors and shapes.

Other smaller updates have been introduced as well, although none of them will change the user experience by a whole lot. Having the “your orders” tab renamed to “My Orders” makes a lot more sense, even though it is just an aesthetic change more than anything else. Either way, small changes like these are a sign of how the Purse.io platform is maturing, which is nice to see.

In the end, one can’t argue services such as Purse provide a valuable service to the bitcoin ecosystem. Having a convenient option to spend bitcoin a tone of the world’s largest marketplaces will help elevate the popular cryptocurrency’s status in the eyes of mainstream consumers. Everyone wants to save on shopping expenses, and Purse provides that service in a convenient manner. Everyone who shops on Amazon should check out what this service has to offer.

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