QuizTalk and Meta-Airline announced on the 12th today that they will sign an NFT strategic alliance to develop various NFT content.

The partnership aims to secure NFT content for both companies’ platforms and diversify NFT markets at home and abroad.

QuizTalk Co., Ltd. has expanded its NS home shopping and live commerce market and recently hosted a quiz show at SK Telecom’s metaverse service, Ifland. QuizTalk’s token, QTCON, was listed on Bithumb, Upbit, and Coinone, the three major domestic exchanges, and was listed on Gate.io as a global exchange. QuizTalk’s platform, “QUIZTOK”, has about 780 million cumulative quiz answers, 1.32 million quizzes, and 700,000 downloads. Quiz Talk can earn points whenever you answer the quiz, and the questioner can also earn rewards. There is also a quiz curator, a quiz-providing system for one’s followers. When advertising within QuizTalk, advertisers must secure and use QuizTalk tokens.

Meta-Airline is a travel NFT membership project allowing you to purchase tickets through your platform MAL-SCAN. In addition, META-AIRLINE allows reservations for golf courses, golf course-linked hotels, and resorts. Starting with a business partnership with KOSDAQ company TOBEMETA, Meta-Airline co-produced the movie “Hot Blood” NFT with Dow technology group KOSPI-listed companies and KIDARI-STUDIO and chosen as an unusual booth at the money show held at COEX in April.

Although the NFT market has slowed down, the NFT market sees it as an industry with no growth potential like the early Bitcoin market and said it would quickly expand the QTCON ecosystem to the NFT ecosystem. As a result, QTCON met with Meta-Airline to prepare various collaborations and said it would unveil the collaboration within August.

Regarding the partnership, Kim Ho-Jae, CEO of Meta-Airline, said that he would secure diversity in the market by sharing various contents with QuizTalk starting from the beginning, not the end. Regarding the NFT market, he said that it is the same as the virtual asset market in 2014 as a new market that has not yet launched by various services such as asking price transaction systems, futures, loans, and Defi.

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